Phone Scammers Target Posies by Patti

Local Ellwood business, Posies by Patti updated their Facebook page with a warning to their customers:

“SCAM ALERT!! SCAM ALERT!! It has come to our attention that our BUSINESS NAME and possibly our PHONE NUMBER is being used in a SCAM. Caller ID will show POSIES BY PATTI but it will be a scammer. Please DO NOT give out any personal information or agree to anything the scammers ask. They are trying to get your information for their use. If you get any phone calls from Posies by Patti, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and please feel free to call us to see if it was actually from our business. We have alerted the police department about this and they are now aware of this scam.

There have been several other phone scams going around in the community lately but this is the first known one of this type using a local business’s phone number and caller ID to target victims.

As Mayor Court has warned before, never give out personal information over the phone.

3 Comments on "Phone Scammers Target Posies by Patti"

  1. I had this happen to me just a few days ago, but it wasn’t Posies By Patti. Instead, a local name and number came up in my caller ID. I did not know this person, but since it was local, I answered it. It was a scam robo call from the people who want to sell you the home warranty. I hung up and then called the number that showed on my caller ID. An elderly woman answered and assured me she did not call my house. So yes, it does seem that even caller ID won’t help with these scammers now.

  2. The same thing happened with Tomon Funeral Home as well. Please be aware of these scammers! They were informing those who would listen that they could lower their interest rates and debts!

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