Erratic Driver Accused of Threatening to Shoot Local Family

Updated at 2:10p.m. 7/19

Erik Sobel is facing charges of disorderly conduct and reckless driving after an incident that occurred on the evening of July 12.

According to the police report, officers observed Sobel driving at a high rate of speed and erratically through the town trying to get the officers attention.

Multiple complaints came in about Sobel’s driving and that he was threatening the Pounds and Johnsons.

Officers could hear the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed through town and they observed him speeding on Lawrence Ave., as he pulled his emergency brake and slid into the corner of Lawrence Ave., and 12th St.

As officers conducted a traffic stop, several members of the Pounds family came running up the street screaming “he’s got a gun, get him!” Officers ordered Sobel out of the vehicle as numerous people began swarming Lawrence Ave.

The Pounds began charging towards the vehicle and Sobel’s father came running too. Officers were separating numerous amounts of people and detaining Sobel while he was out of control and yelling at the Pounds family – causing a large disturbance.

Wampum, Koppel, and North Sewickley police units were called to respond to the scene.

Once Sobel was safely detained, officers spoke with the Pounds and Andy Boots who all stated Sobel has a black hand gun on him, however, officers did not find a gun. The family stated that down at B&B Express in North Sewickley Sobel pointed a gun at them out of his driver side window and threatened to “blow their brains out” – seconds before officers stopped him.

North Sewickley officers did check with the employees of the B&B, who stated they did see Sobel having words with the Pounds as he flew through the parking lot and caused a disturbance.

Officers advised all parties to provide a written statement of the events.

3 Comments on "Erratic Driver Accused of Threatening to Shoot Local Family"

  1. This circus just keeps getting better and better

  2. Concerned Citizen | July 20, 2017 at 8:05 am | Reply

    Now the Pounds are causing a large disturbance during a traffic stop. They probably did something to this guy in the past and don’t want him to come after them. I doesn’t say that the police found a gun on him but if they would have searched the Pounds I bet they would have found all kinds of illegal items. This is just another reason that the Pounds should be banished from this area.

  3. My daughter was threatened every day by the Johnson and pounds cops did nothing but give me and my wife harassment charges when we tried to talk to the parents we moved away and my wife being a nurse has that on her record thanks Ellwood it wasn’t till we moved to a current state that we found how a normal person should live

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