Police Reports: Shots Fired This Morning on 13th Street

Shots Fired This Morning on 13th Street

According to the police report, this morning around 3a.m. police were dispatched to the Pounds residence on 13th Street for a shots fired call. Dispatch gave a description of a white SUV with a loud muffler who shot at the compound. Three neighbors described the vehicle and said the vehicle was stopped in the street and a male was outside walking around when he fired three shots towards the residence, he then tried to get back into the car but the door would not open so he had to hang on to the back rack of the vehicle as it drove away. Police found three .45 caliber shell casing in the direction of the residence and they were taken into evidence. It did not appear that anyone was home at the time of the shooting.


Tractor Trailer Pulls Down Wires in Borough Parking Lot

According to the police report, yesterday, July 11, around 5p.m. a borough employee reported that a tractor trailer drove through the borough employee parking lot and pulled down some wires. The driver of the vehicle stated he just made a delivery to the State Store at the back of the building on Bell Avenue, then traveled east on Bell Avenue and when approaching Sixth Street he noticed the tight turn and didn’t want to run over the sign on the southeast corner of the lot, so he traveled through the parking lot and hit the low hanging wires. The wires were wrapped around the truck and were laying across two parked vehicles. The electric department advised the wires were communication lines.


Ellwood Man Breaks $1,500 Door at Bar

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to the Eagles Club on July 6 for a criminal mischief complaint. Two bar employees advised that Alexander Mulig, 21, of Ellwood city, was told he couldn’t be served because of a previous incident at the bar where he pulled out a knife. Enraged, Mulig made a threat towards one of the employees and yelled at the other. As he left he slammed the door, damaging it to where it would not close correctly. The door is valued at $1,500.

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