Unrehearsed Shakespeare in March Park

It’s a midsummer’s night dream.  An open air performance of scenes from Shakespeare play will be held in March Park (next to the Library) on Tuesday July 11th 6:30pm.

The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls in partnership with The New Renaissance Theatre Company presents The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project’s.  Directed by Elizabeth Ruelas and some the actors will be preforming using the unrehearsed cue script technique.

The Unrehearsed Cue Script or also known as Historical Informed Practice is how Shakespeare’s company performed his plays.  Candles were expensive, so performances were held in the open air, under natural light in an environment fraught with distractions.  This meant that performances had to be entertaining and fast paced to keep the audience interested and to entice them to come spend their money again.   To protect the full script, so a disgruntled actor would not take a copy of the play to a competing theatre, the actors were only given scrolls that contained the last few words of their cues, their own lines, entrances, exits and only essential stage direction that could not be conveyed through the lines of the other actors.  The Unrehearsed Cue Script Technique teaches actors how to mine the First Folio of Shakespeare’s works, exposes humor and tragedy of his works, and creates spontaneous moments in every performance between actors and the crowd.  The show is fast-paced, family-friendly and FREE.

The New Renaissance Theatre Company (NRTC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit based in Pittsburgh founded by Andy Kirtland and Elizabeth Ruelas in order to grow the mission of The Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project (USP) as well as our other theatrical goals including the growth and nurture of a theatrical ensemble.  You can explore the New Renaissance Theatre Company on Facebook or their website www.newrentheatre.com.   www.unrehearsedshakespeareproject.com for more information on the Unrehearsed Shakespeare Project

This is a preview performance of Unrehearsed Shakespeare.  Saturday, July 14th 4pm at Brady’s Run Park the cast will be performing Taming of the Shrew.

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