Lincoln Class of 1954 “Nite at the Movies”

Pudue LaCava hosted the Lincoln Class of 1954, “Nite at the Movies” committee at her Mt. Vernon Drive home at 1p.m. on Wednesday, June 7. The session began with lunch provided by committee members and served by Ilene Gardner and LaCava. Dessert featured Gardner’s homemade apple pie in recognition of the upcoming Flag Day observance.

Co-Chairmen, Paul Abraham and James Spielvogel conducted the business session that followed. They have completed arrangements for the Ellwood City Saxon Club site to be used Friday, July 14 for setup and July 15 for the class party. James Gillespie reported on fund raising and distributed tickets for the final, ending June 30. Clemmy Sirimarco presented the financial reports. Food chairman, “Pinky” Maielli finalized the total menu of appetizers, full buffet and desserts that she and her committee will be handling.

LaCava reported on reservations received to date, totaling 75% of last years attendance. She also shared notes and comments received from class members and friends of the 1954 class, Frank and Augie (Ottaviani) Slovak of Spingboro, Ohio. LaCava noted that late reservations may be made by contacting her when necessary. Gardner reviewed the total decorations that will welcome all the attendees. She has her family on a work schedule, building, designing and painting so that all will be in readiness for July 15.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 28 at 1p.m. with the full committee at the LaCava residence.

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