Retired Ellwood City Police Canine Passes Away


Lt. David Kingston-Operations Officer released the following statement:

It is with great sadness ECPD reports the passing of Ellwood City Police Canine and McBride family pet “Jozek.”

Jozek, a Czech born German Shepard, came to ECPD in March of 2007 and worked as part of the canine team.

JOZEK was born in the Czech Republic June 9, 2005 and was purchased by ECPD on March 9, 2007 from Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, PA.

After purchasing Jozek from Shallow Creek Kennels, Jozek trained with his handler for a 12 week period with Master Trainer Pat Maloney of the North American Work Dog Association. JOZEK was a dual purpose canine trained in Narcotic Detection, Tracking and Patrol. Jozek maintained certification with North American Work Dog Association and American Work Dog Association until his retirement on May 1, 2016.

Jozek  retired to the family farm from the ECPD on May 1, 2016 after 9 years of patrol duty, where he lounged around the family farm.

He was suffering from Fibrocartilaginous Embolisms. The disease in dogs is caused by a small fragment of inter-vertebral disk material that migrates into the blood vessels of the spinal cord. This blocks off the blood supply to the spinal cord causing damage to the spinal cord.

 ECPD wishes to give special thanks to:

  • Joe Tomon Funeral Home and Crematory
  • Apple Grove Veterinarian-Andrew McKissick, Veterinarian
  • Cunningham Funeral Home and Crematory

Department Acknowledgement

The ECPD is very grateful for the countless expressions of sympathy and other acts of kindness extended during this most difficult time. Your thoughtfulness will long be remembered.

We ask for your continued prayers and may god bless you all.


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