80 Years Ago Today: Ellwood Woman Wins Dollar for Prize Recipe

According to the Twitter user Jon Shifflet, who provides a photo of a printed recipe (photo below), today marks the 80th anniversary that Lillian Hoy of Division Street in Ellwood City submitted a recipe to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for “Calcuttas” and won a $1 prize!

The recipe calls for an odd mixture of prunes, rice, chutney, gherkins, bacon and Worcestershire sauce. Upon further investigation of the mysterious recipe, Food.com has an almost identical recipe called “Himalayans” – view it here.

“An appetizer that will keep them guessing. They are very good, a bit bizarre and certainly different. They are a bit sweet and sour flavored,” the food site states.

80 years ago, a one dollar prize was equal to almost the equivalent of $20 today.

With a subscription, you can view this recipe and other articles on the Post-Gazette from 1937 here.

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