PHOTOS: Bernstine Among Over Half Dozen Ticketed At Press Conference

Officer talking with council members

During State Representative Aaron Bernstine’s electric press conference yesterday, nearly a dozen attendees, including both he and another state representative were issued parking tickets for parking arguably legally.

The conference took place at a residential home on Wampum Avenue – a street that has parking prohibited signs posted along the west side of the street but no signs and no yellow curb present on the opposite side.

According to the officer, parking on the side of the road the cars were parked along was illegal due to obstructing a fire lane; however the only no parking sign along the road reads “emergency snow route, no parking during emergency.”

The responding officer could be seen talking to Council President Connie MacDonald and Councilman Brad Ovial shortly before exiting his vehicle to write tickets, which was also illegally parked with the lights off.

After a concerned citizen noticed he was writing tickets and performing the same illegal act he backed his car into a neighboring driveway belonging to the Squicquero’s, who had not given the officer permission to utilize the driveway.

Residents John and Debra Squicquero, who were sitting on their front porch during the conference, stated they have lived on the street for 18 years and had never seen anyone get a parking ticket.

“There are no signs posted, people park on the street all the time. This is just another form of harassment,” former officer John Squicquero stated.

Bernstine speculated the problem was a direct correlation to the attending council members.

“It’s unfortunate that council is using the police, who I might add are funded by the massive electric bills, to try and intimidate those who are expressing their first amendment rights,” Bernstine said. “We will not be deterred.”

MacDonald stated he nor council had anything to do with the parking dispute and did not call in a request to order tickets.

Mayor Court said officers were sent to the street because the police department had received several complaints from residents about the parking.

According to Mayor Court, it is legal to park on that side of the street as long as cars are close enough to the curb – meaning each parked car was over 12 inches from the curb.

“The issue yesterday was due to being too far from the curb, it causes obstruction.”

The issuing officer did not make any attempts to ask the spectators, who may have been parked illegally, to move their cars before ticketing.

Bernstine offered to pay for the tickets.

Several discussions about the incident, including photos, have been added in the Facebook group Standing Up to Ellwood Electric.

Submitted photos

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  1. Good! Bernstine why don’t you pay all the fines for everyone since you started this mess! You went about it the wrong way and are beginning to look like a fool as well as some of your followers and also way to use a lady and her handicap son to push you and BBs personal agenda.

  2. Mayor Court – the ticket says “parking prohibited” not “too far from curb” so the reason you stated isn’t valid. This is a targeted harassment attempt, pure and simple. Our state representative has every right to hold a press conference. Our city council, however, does not have the right to punish citizens for exercising free speech.

  3. I think Bernstine is doing a great job!! I have a 3 year old and my husband and i both work alot of hours just to make ends meet, the electric is the only bill we have that is killing us, it is half of my house payment!!! I should be spending time with my daughter instead of work so much just to pay one bill!!!!!!! He did not just use karens child to get attention she wanted to be heard, so for you to say he us using that child for his agenda is wrong she want to do it!!

  4. I am not saying she is wrong! I simply stating that Bernstine and Bush pushed her to do so as they have before when the protest happened. I have lived in ellwood my entire life and by no means was rich but my parents always managed to pay their bills on a very average salary and now all of a sudden the electric bill is killing everyone! Give me a break there is more to this entire situation which was escalated by bush.

    I am also all for change however none of those currently running for council are capable of taking on such a task! Berstine and bush continue to speak for these individuals whom have proven they do not know how to effectively communicate by not showing up and the candidate meeting to be questioned.

  5. wowthistown | May 12, 2017 at 3:16 pm | Reply

    Your not going to hear a thing come from Mayor Court. Standing infront of a table with the police LT with a bunch of parking tickets doesnt have the same merit as the wanna be cop of a mayor standing infront of a table of drugs.

  6. I, personally, am incredibly impressed with Mr. Bernstine. He’s taking the “bull by the horns” to remedy this ridiculous electric situation that has gone on for far too long! He’s very intelligent and articulate, two attributes that must seem like a slap in the face to some who would suggest he looks like a fool. I find that quite comical! The fact is, the cars should not have been ticketed. They were ticketed because of the press conference plain and simple. People park illegally all over Ellwood every day. The cars parked by 7/11 are a bigger problem. Tractor trailers travel roads that have posted weight limits. I’ve never seen one pulled over. The list can go on and on!
    I applaud new names and faces running for council! How could you possibly know that the folks running for council are incapable? Again, I find that comment comical since the current council along with past council’s and the current borough manager are CLEARLY INEPT! Council lacks vision! We need people who will stop throwing money out the window, price gouging us with a a ridiculous electric company and we certainly need people with vision who can see beyond four walls of a room to try to bring this town back!

  7. Seargent Saunders | May 12, 2017 at 8:22 pm | Reply

    Anybody with half a brain can see this for what it is…typical small town bush league BS! Did they order the police officer to cruise down other streets and write out similar tickets? Since we know the police overtime matter has NOT been settled, it’s quite obvious who doesn’t want it settled, especially the person who profits the most because he’s the one who schedules himself into the gravy train. It’s up to you, citizens. These people think you are so stupid you don’t know what’s going on. The police lieutenant who schedules himself for the obscene game he plays with YOUR MONEY wants all this to go away. So how about the other people who are involved in this obvious CON-GAME with citizens money. What is THEIR END in the scheme. Come on people…they think you are so, so stupid. How much longer are you going to let these self serving slimeballs get away with it???

  8. Congratulations to Representative Bernstine and all who support him. FINALLY someone in Lawrence County who will speak for and defend our rights!

  9. Look at the picture | May 13, 2017 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Look at the picture of the Chevrolet Traverse. Is it parked more than 12 inches from the curb? Yes. Is parking more than 12 inches from the curb a violation? Yes.

    I’ve heard more than enough times from conservatives in cases of police brutality that “if the person didn’t break the law, none of this would have happened.” The same logic has to be applied here or you have no valid argument.

  10. @look at the picture – did you look at the picture? What about the cadi that was also ticketed, it’s not 12 in from the curb. Along with over half a dozen other vehicles it’s hard to believe they would ALL be 12in from the curb.

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