Couple Experiences Sleepless Nights Dedicating Time Beautifying Ellwood City

Appropriately in sync with the Ellwood City revitalization project, Katelyn Dominelli and her husband Curt have made it their goal to ensure residing in Ellwood City is a desirable option.

Since January 2016, the couple have been focusing their efforts on purchasing eye-sore real estate in the local community and doing a complete flip of the property – turning it into a highly appealing and modern space to live in the hopes it will entice a growing community.

Not only do they beautify property in Ellwood City, they also promote the utilization of local companies and workers.

The husband and wife duo perform most of the work themselves, but hire local companies and workers for big jobs. They also buy their supplies from local stores when it’s available.

“We want to promote the local community in every way possible, we want to be part of the reason residents can say they are proud to live in Ellwood City,” Katelyn stated.

While they both work full time jobs and dedicate much of their free time to the real estate business, Katelyn says their hobby often results in “many sleepless nights.”

“Real estate is a high risk business – and definitely not a business for the weak of heart,” she said. “Closing the deal is more stressful than flipping, what a lot of people don’t realize is the amount of hoops investors have to jump through to sell a house; we are required to meet higher standards than normal.”

Despite the hardships, Katelyn says flipping houses for the betterment of the community is one of the most rewarding things she does – and the couple has no plans on slowing down.

“Aside from the financial gain when everything goes right, the business is highly rewarding and I still smile every time I drive past houses we have flipped and sold on. We even stay in touch with several of the homeowners.”

Although their company is growing they do not plan on expanding outside the Lawrence County area.

“There is plenty of opportunity in Ellwood, and if we expanded we wouldn’t go farther than New Castle; so as long as there are properties available we plan to focus on Ellwood City.”

They are always on the look out for real estate opportunities and can be easily reached through their official Facebook page.

Photos provided by Katelyn/more available on their Facebook

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