Information Regarding New Utility Bill Format

Ellwood City Borough Manager Bob Villella released information regarding the updated utility billing format.

Villella stresses that although there is a delay in the April billing due to the billing program change-over, residents will still have a full 10 days to pay their bill – which he believes will be arriving next week.

“It is not the customers fault that the billing is delayed and they will have the full amount of time to pay their bill as usual.”

Villella says the new billing will continue on a 30-31 day cycle and will have much more detailed information including a consumption graph and comparisons of averages from the previous 13 months.

Information provided on the bills has been reviewed by billing professionals at the Eric-Ryan Corporation to assist the Borough in ensuring customer satisfaction with the new setup.

The billing update is a step in the right direction for the community, Villella says.

“I think we are making great strides – this kind of detailed information was never on a bill in Ellwood City.”

Customers will be receiving the following press release with their April bill:

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