EC Adult Basketball League Regular Season Finale Recap

There was no shortage of action and a healthy dose of competitive hoops in the Ellwood City Adult Basketball League’s regular season finale Sunday at the Family Center.

Channeling their inner Macho Man, Big Fun had their elbows ready for their long awaited rematch against Turncoats. The defending league champions had Sunday on their calendars circled since March 5th when Turncoats handed them their first loss. Turncoats moseyed on into the Family Center with an outstanding league best 16-1 record.  The rematch was set. Tensions were high. The drama was thick. Big Fun yearned like Cosmo Kramer for the season split. Turncoats had their brooms on standby ready for the season sweep. All eyes were on the top 2 seeds. Just who would blink first?

The contest saw a lot of moving and grooving as both teams looked to out duel the other. In a game that felt like the playoffs came a week early, it was Big Fun who picked up the win. Helping seal the deal by going 3-4 late at the line was Matt “Nish Burger” Kish. Making a living this season by battling like B Rabbit in the paint, Kish has no fear when it comes to cleanup on isle 3.

Like they plan on doing in the 3 Point Contest, Kevin “Splash Johnson” Ricciuti and Adam “Threesus” Gorgas were serving up the Charlie Murphy special hitting some big shots. Big Fun finishes their campaign at 14-4. Hats off to Turncoats for their league best 16-2 regular season record.  Chase “Papa Dock” McKim and The Turncoats Terror Squad are tuned up and ready to do the Texas Two-Step with the winner of the TTT/Up In The Air playoff game.  TTT’s Dylan “3’s Company” Plassmeyer plans on letting the 3 ball fly in the post season.

Nobody showed more heart this season than the Ellwood City Living Legend Dave “The Original OG (re)” McQuistion. Hustling and grinding the entire season, McQuistion is the first player in the history of the Ellwood City Adult Basketball League to get his own rule: The Ogre Rule. Stating he can play for any team on any given Sunday except for the number 1 seed, The Ogre Rule is designed for McQuistion to leave it all on the court like he has done for years and years. Al Campman clearly taught Ogre well. McQuistion, Captain Dave O and the entire Herbie V gang are ready for their playoff showdown with Blazers. Speaking of Blazers, check out Goat on Mount Rushmore.

Which version of Mount Rushmore do you prefer? Next time around, the League MVP will be announced during the first round of the playoffs. Stay tuned! Until then, too sweet your neighbor and enjoy the fresh air.



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