TELL ME A TALE: Prison Based Family Literacy Initiative

Family literacy programs can provide opportunities for education success for parents and children.  These programs can serve as models of family involvement, showing how families can become part of an extended classroom and build on the work of the school.  Engagement in family programs does not have to stop because a parent is incarcerated.

The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls in partnership with the Beaver County Bar Association and TRAILS Ministries are working on an innovative family literacy initiative.  Tell Me A Tale: Prison Based Family Literacy Initiative developed by Christine Kroger, Children’s Librarian at the Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls is meant to develop parents skills to become involved in the success of their child.    Participants in the initiative will be educated on the importance of reading to their child as well as help them strengthen their own literacy skills.  Parents will use story dynamics, such as singing, rhyme and rhythm and narrative skill to impact their child’s reading comprehension.  And they will create a recording for their child.  The goal is to increase basic literacy skills for both parent and child, reduce behavioral problems children may have and improve family reunification, the parent/child connection.

The Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls’ Comprehensive Plan for Vision for Transformation is the change process guide to deliver the 21st Century Library experience to Beaver County.  Our vision is “To Inspire and Empower Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Exchange.”  Five Pillars have been designed to encompass full cycle governance, change and growth.  Pillar II: Programs and Services’ mission is to  assist all learners by providing relevant, dynamic, technology-appropriate programs and services delivered on-site and through outreach by skilled staff that fosters personal and professional growth.

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