Class of ’54 April Meeting

Pudue LaCava hosted the Lincoln Class of 1954 “Nite at the Movies” committee meeting at her Mt. Vernon Drive home on Wednesday April 19.

The session began with a luncheon provided by the committee, featuring pizza by “Pinky” Maielli and dessert by Ilene Gardner and served by LaCava and Gardner. Co-Chairman, James Gillespie conducted the business session that followed. Clemmy Sirimarco presented the financial reports. Gillespie reported on the fund raising and distributed the April tickets. LaCava reported on reservations received to date and noted the 50% return of last year’s attendees. All reservations are requested to be made by June 30. Gardner presented correspondences received from class members expressing their comments and appreciation for the continuing contact with the class of 1954. She also presented theme pictures that will be on display at the July 15th event. All committees reported that their work is in full progress.

The session ended with plans for the next meeting, with all chairmen and committees to be present at the LaCava residence. The date and time will be announced in early May.

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