Real Estate Transactions for March, 2017

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for March, 2017:



Ellwood City

701 Todd Ave; Doreen F. Palatka to Gary M. and Kayla M. White for $115,000
822 Lawrence Ave; McElwain Brothers LP to Boehm Family Real Estate LLC for $920,000
525 Pershing St; Benjamin Liss EST to Nicholas L. Genova for $64,000
917 Sunset Blvd; Edward P. Zikeli to David A. and Joanne M. Adamczyk for $63,000
417 Wampum Ave; Arlene F. Cogliano to Schry Investments LLC for $62,000
134 Hazel Ave; Gerald E. and Catherine A. Balser to Andrew J. Cirelli for $82,000
800 Todd Ave; Lonney P. and Karin D. Christoff to Darryl Yanssens for $136,800
215 Crescent Ave; David C. and Lynn A. Hopkins to Diana Radaker for $72,900
Little Beaver Township

1884 State Route 551; Hosea J. and Veronica I. Yoder to Enos J. and Barbara J. Hershberger for $170,000
3915 Beaver Dam Rd; Enos J. and Barbara J. Hershberger to Annie K. and Rufus J. Hershberger for $100,000


North Beaver Township
363 Moravia Rd; Dora M. Kumrow to Jonathan P. Tengeres for $75,000
4708 State Rt 18; Daniel H. and Tracy L. Ritenour to Tracy L. Bucci for $25,000
1154 Mt. Jackson Rd; William H. Gwin EST to David W. Gwin for $130,000


Perry Township
400 Levis Rd; Thomas D. and Margaret L. McClymonds to Shawn D. and Lisa M. Leviere for $86,753
622 Palo Alto Dr; Barbara J. Neff to Hogan and Nicole Gatto for $145,000


Shenango Township
723 Hill Ave; Eleanor J. Burk Markle EST to Donald and Margie Frinkanish for $55,917
840 Old Pittsburgh Rd; James Robert Delaney EST to Daniel and Tina Kineston for $15,000
1740 New Butler Rd; Solomons Beacon Inn Limted Partnership to Waraich Group LLC for $2,250,000
100 Savannah Gardner Rd; Brandon M. Rishel to Andrew J. and Patricia R. Launi for $115,000
404 High Meadow Dr; Slovak Savings Bank to Fortune Foreclosures LLC for $90,000
404 High Meadow DR; Fortune Foreclosures LLC to H. Cubed Properties LLC for $134,900
2120 County Line Rd; Raymond W. Buchowski to Marie A. Buchowski for $50,000
1341 Old Princeton Rd; Darlene M. Gray EST to Joshua Kennedy for $109,000
2175 Frew Mill Rd; Karen B. Greb to Brian P. and Kylee M. French for $165,000
915 Marie Ave; Wells Fargo to Fortune Foreclosures LLC for $30,000
915 Marie Ave; Reverse Mortgage Solutions INC to Kristina M. and John Scott Marshall for $32,000
1804 Jackson Ave; US Department of Housing to Desiree Caldararo for $25,760

Wayne Township

135 Oswald St; Wells Fargo Bank to Castlerock 2017 LLC for $16,700
384 Dutch Ridge Rd; Mildred T. Sullivan to Timothy Jordan Takacs for $200,000


216 Kay St; Castle 2016 LLC to Todd and Abby Emswiler for $24,500

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