POLICE: Ten Arraigned In Operation ‘Spring Clean Up’

According to information made available this afternoon and after a year long investigation, 10 mid level drug dealers were arraigned by local police in what is being called by Mayor Anthony Court, Operation ‘Spring Clean Up’.

The raid by police on the criminals took place at approximately 7:00am this morning and led to the filing of ten criminal complaints against the dealers who were selling heroin and other opioids in the 1 year span of the investigation.

Mayor Court would like to thank the local police officers who were a part of the successful raid and the district attorney special investigation unit for their funding.

Seven of the ten have been successfully arraigned and lodged in Lawrence County jail, one has been arraigned and placed in Mercer County jail, and two remain at large while the department works with other agencies to apprehend.

“We will continue on a path to protect law abiding citizens as we continue to make Ellwood City some place special,” Mayor Court added. “We will continue our fight against illegal narcotics in the area.”

[More information will follow when made available to EllwoodCity.org.]


4 Comments on "POLICE: Ten Arraigned In Operation ‘Spring Clean Up’"

  1. This mayor is a joke! You bust low level offenses and act like a hero while there’s poor and sick without electricity. You support a corrupt municipal owned electric company and hid from town meetings. Your just thing about your own but getting reelected!

    • Concerned citizen | April 3, 2017 at 11:04 am | Reply

      The mayor is a joke and the police are a joke. Haley was pulled over for a traffic violation and for no reason searched her car. Found literally a few pills. Now she is lumped with the others as a heroin dealer. They don’t care about anybody in this town except for themselves and making themselves look good. Every Spring its the same thing, every election its the same thing. What a joke!

  2. Citizen of Ellwood | April 24, 2017 at 12:24 am | Reply

    He says he’s cleaning up this town. Why don’t he go clean up the projects, there is more drugs and drunks up there then I think this whole town has. There should be random searches up there and the ones you know that are into drugs start fining them and maybe they’ll quit. Its pretty bad when you see kids from 14- 18 dealing drugs or ” hanging out ” with the drug dealers. Come on Ellwood do something about the projects and the roads and the electric and quit worrying what main street looks like when you wont let anything come into this town to better it.

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