March Regular Meeting Brief

All items discussed at the March agenda meeting were passed at the regular meeting Monday night.

Below are some of the notable topics that came up during the council meeting.



Two local boxers received commendations presented by Council President Connie MacDonald. Photo and article here.



Joe Carfino was the only visitor to speak at the meeting, he commended council for their ongoing attempts to sell properties, but he was concerned about a specific Borough property they were offering for sale, the empty lot near the farmers market. He asked council to reconsider selling the property because “parking is already scarce downtown and it’s close to the farmers market.” Connie MacDonald said the only reason the property was up for sale was because one specific person was interested in it and it was a potential development.


Health and Public Safety:

Two part-time officers were hired by the Borough. Full article posted this morning.


New Business

There was a roll call voted on #3 of New Business- A motion would be in order to authorize the hiring of Beth Kingston as Park Crew Leader at the rate of $11.00/hour, and not to exceed $11,000. Dici stated that Kingston did a good job last, but also stated she believes all positions should be advertised and applications reviewed before decisions are made.

The motion passed 5:2 with Mancini and Dici voting against it.


Managers Report

Bob Villella read his managers report which included information regarding the upcoming projects for the Borough. Several roads will be receiving much needed road work done by PennDot in the upcoming months as well as raising manhole covers and the installation of handicap accessible walkways.

2 Comments on "March Regular Meeting Brief"

  1. I the matter of hiring a park crew manager without reviewing all applications: job fixing at it’s finest! !Att: council members, this is an election year!..My vote?..You are out of there!

  2. The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, 65 Pa.C.S. §§ 701-716, requires agencies to deliberate and take official action on agency business in an open and public meeting.

    How is the authorization of the hiring of a Park Crew leader at the rate of $11/per hour not a violation of the Sunshine Act since the motion passed 5:2 with Mancini and Dici voting against it?

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