First Day of Spring: Warmer Weather Expected for Ellwood City

Western Pennsylvanians will be experiencing a temperature increase following the coincidental correlation of the first day of spring and the predicted spring weather-appropriate forecast.

With today marking the official start of spring and after enduring some of the coldest temperatures of 2017 in Ellwood City over the past few weeks, the 10 day forecast is promising warmer, but wetter, weather.

According to The Weather Channel, temperatures are expected to reach the high 60’s and remain around an average of mid 50’s over the next 10 days.

Weather chart provided by The Weather Channel for the Ellwood City Area.

Although the 2017 start of spring appears promising, the temperatures are liable to fluctuate as the unpredictable surrounding climates dictate them.

However, the widely debated farmers almanac predicts temperatures will be at a steady increase.

Screenshot gathered from the almanac’s official site.

The spring weather will warrant flowers blooming, trees becoming lively again, outdoor events, and the locally-famous Ellwood City bald eagles to return back to their nesting area in Ellport.

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  1. if you listen to the weather channel it forecasts rain or snow 80% of the time. try a local channel

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