Corona D’Italia Lodge #807 March Meeting

Corona D’Italia Lodge #807 held their monthly meeting on Thursday, March 8 starting at 5p.m. at Pizza Joe’s.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the session began with an Irish Stew meal prepared by the staff and served by Trustee, Pudue LaCava, Guard, Lois DiFrischia, members, Jackie Perno, Lee Ann Houk, and Christine Butchelli. Trustee, Patty Regna, voiced a prayerful invocation for all mankind.

President Clemmy Sirimarco conducted the business session that followed. Treasurer Louise Vitullo presented the financial reports and expressed appreciation for the 2017 dues collection that should be finalized by March 31. Orator, Valerie Valentino, chairman of the scholarship committee presented her report, nothing receipt of scholarship applications to date. All applications should be forwarded to her by April 1 for the committee’s awarding of two $500.00 scholarships. Sirimarco distributed March fund raising tickets. Vice-President, Ann Butchelli, reporting on her Lodge’s 100th anniversary project has been able to add more history and pictures received from members and friends.

Complying with the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania by-laws, election of officers for the 2017-2019 administrative council was held. Serving will be president, Sirimarco, Vice-President, Ann Butchelli, Past President, Vitullo, Recording Secretary, Perno, financial Secretary-Treasurer, Vitullo, Orator, Valentino, Historian, Mary Jane Folino, Trustees, LaCava, Regna, Dr. Francine Bond, Mistress of Ceremony, Kary K. Quintanilla, Guard DiFrischia, State Delegate, Bond and Alternate Delegate, Esther J. Santilo.

Emcee, Quintanilla, opened the social program with Irish Blessings and an Irish accent reading of poems. She also photographed all in attendance as Valentino presented each with favors of St. Patrick scarves and candy. Social games followed conducted by Valentino and Quintanilla. The next monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 12 at 5p.m. hosted at Pizza Joe’s.

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