Real Estate Transactions for February, 2017

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for February, 2017:



Ellwood City

749 1st Ave; Gail L. and Gayle L. Vendetti to Jospeh A. Battaglia for $27,000.

724 Clover Ave; Frank L. McPherson Jr. and Jessica McPherson to Sherry and Nicholas M. Vassilaros for $62,000.

408 Wayne Ave; Hartland Acres INC to Gregory C. Linville for $16,000.

210 Hazel Ave; Robin M. Tedrow Est to Carrie L. Young for $48,000.

806 California Ave; Penny K. Shirk Est. to Michael Rue for $74,500.

506 Bluff Ave; Jeffrey K. Ketterer and Taylor E. Lucas to Brandy R. and Robert W. Fullmer III for $192,500.

524 Mt. Vernon Dr; Robert A. and Karen A. Banks to Brook Balin for $83,000.

217 5th St; Garson Ventures INC to Garson Enterprises LLC for $63,135.

748 Clover Ave; Lawrence County Social Services to Bryan and Jordyn Pauletich for $69,000.


Ellport Borough

104 Martin Ave; Frank R. Prestia Jr and Stephanie R. Prestia to Clifford and Kimberly Kaufman for $98,000.


Little Beaver Township

1186 Haggerty Rd; Mark V. and Katherine Elaine Hudak to Michael R. Hudak for $105,000.

1931 State Route 551; Jonathan D. and Susan K. Goldstein to Jordan A. Miller for $70,000.

452 Kaufman Rd; Janet Schaefer and Joyce Dipitero and Joel Marshall to Joelene Meiners for $177,500.


North Beaver Township

1759 E. Poland Rd; Richard L. Haylett to Lindsey A. Relic for $93,000.

3033 Nesbit St; Gerard L. and Vickie L. Lasure to Tiffany L. Vargo for $72,500.


Shenango Township

447 Harmony Baptist Rd; Louis C. and Betty M. Suisi to Nathan T. and Joyce Kreitzer for $55,000.

2141 Martha St; Lucy Brightshue to Barbara and L. Feil Douglas for $27,100.

1146 Brookshire Dr; Janet Jacobs to Leroy and Marcia Anderson for $232,000.

4033 Williams Dr; Gary Thomas and Linda M. Withers to Kris A. Kirkpatrick for $37,500.


Slippery Rock Township

4178 Frew Mill Rd; Carly Moore and Joseph William O’Connor to Jacob F. Breitenstein for $65,000.

230 Firehall Rd; Equity Trust to Evan and Carrie Milliken for $130,000.


Wayne Township

1916 Railroad Ave; Alexis N. and Cory D. Moffatt to Scott J. and Jessica D. Falen for $89,900.

1070 Mt. Hope Rd; James W. and Freida K. Collier to Ryan Rice and Alexandra Stefura for $168,000.

4467 Hollow Rd; Amy Deblasio to Jamie Rae Hulick and Steven D. Ambroziak for $127,500.

205 Williams St; Joey R. and Jacqueline Cooper and Amy and Perry Dubois to Heath and Megan Pflugh for $78,000.



364 Main St; Sheila L. Kunselman to Daniel J. to Shanea Faraoni for $113,700.

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