PHOTOS: Ellwood City Adult Basketball League Results for 3/5/2017

It was a battle of the unbeaten in the Ellwood City Adult Basketball League Sunday evening as Big Fun and Turncoats headlined the main event at the Family Center. Big Fun; the defending League Champions, rolled into the night’s action at 3-0 rocking the NWO Wolfpac black and red colors. Fresh off a Texas Turncoat, Team Captain Pat O’Brien had the Turncoats looking ready to play, also walking in the door at 3-0 and with some smooth looking orange gear.
It was a close, back and forth game the whole way through that proved any game during the 18 game season can go any which way. The Turncoats pulled out the victory late to secure sole possession of first place in the Ellwood City
Basketball League, improving to 5-0. Team Orange also had another victory on the evening over Herbie V. Big Fun falls to second place at 4-1 with Sonny “Head Chef” Riccio, Downtown Davey Moore, Anthony “Ov-A-Docious” Ovial and the supporting cast all looking strong. Kish Money was inactive as he was participating on the Price is Right.

Elsewhere in league play, the young gunners with legs and lungs known as the Blazers had a 1-1 evening. Team Purple had a nice offensive showing topping Up in the Air after a loss to Big Fun. Blazers, along with Hog Balls and BDI, all now share a 3-2 record. Third place for the season goes to the Blazers due to having the most points out of the three teams for the season. Hats off to the (non BVM) Blazers for putting up an evening high 45 points.

Some may have caught a whiff of the late 90’s and early 2000’s Ellwood City Basketball scene with Chase McKim sinking 3 balls all night, Mikey Moore zigging and zagging, Anthony Ovial heaving one up at the buzzer like Steel Valley, Dave “Ogre” McQuistion in action and ZTP living up to his contract. All that was missing was Al Campman and a clip board.

Will Allen Deep be joining the fray? We’ll find out soon. Until then, too sweet your neighbor and enjoy the fresh air.

recap and photos submitted by Matt Boffo


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