Brough, Cress, Fisher, and Guerrera Announce Run for Ellwood City Borough Council

With several seats up for election, four local residents announced their candidacy for the Ellwood City Borough Council; Rob Brough, John Cress, Brandon Fisher, and Lisa Guerrera stated that they are teaming up to bring positive reforms to Ellwood City Borough.

The candidates promise to focus on the issues of Ellwood Electric reform, bringing fiscal responsibility, and creating local jobs that support families to stop the exodus of young residents from Ellwood City and fill the empty storefronts along Lawrence Avenue.

“In the last several years, Ellwood City has seen a huge decline in population, significant tax increases, more empty storefronts, and out-of-touch politicians using Ellwood Electric as a taxation tool.  As long-time members of the community, we know that these unsustainable trends can be reversed with the right leadership. We will change Ellwood City, and look forward to working together with residents to ensure a positive future for our children,” said Brough, Cress, Fisher, and Guerrera in a joint statement.

Council President Connie MacDonald, Council Vice President David DeCaria, Councilman Brad Ovial, and Councilwoman Michele Lamenza are the current council members whose seats will be up for election.

At this time it is known that MacDonald and Lamenza have both submitted appropriate documentation to run for reelection, while Ovial plans to stick to his promise of not running for reelection.

The primary election will be held May 16, 2017.

14 Comments on "Brough, Cress, Fisher, and Guerrera Announce Run for Ellwood City Borough Council"

  1. I have seen it all now! I agree that there should be some changes and adjustments made to accommodate residents of Ellwood city but I hope those of you who will be voting will stop and look at the bigger picture and also what the potential members can do for our city.

    Also didn’t one go on a rant some time ago about how she was so busy that she could not make it to the electric office to pay her bills? If she is that busy, then how will she make time for important council meetings?

    • Ask questions! | March 8, 2017 at 5:22 pm | Reply

      “…also what the potential members can do for our city”

      It would be nice if the potential members actually said how they plan to accomplish things. They fail to tell us how. Until they do, they can’t be taken seriously.

      We’ve all heard the “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra back in 2010 from republicans. What did we get? No jobs, jobs, jobs but it got you excited, didn’t it? Don’t fall for it again.

      Giving more tax breaks to those who currently pay 9% and ignoring those that pay 35-40% is nothing but a red herring. All some people thing is giving tax breaks to business’ will do it. Well, they’ve had those breaks for over a decade and what do we have to show for it?

      So, when people tell you they’re going to give tax breaks to businesses don’t believe it’s the answer to revitalization. Give a poor man $100 and he will spend it because he has to. Give a rich man $100 and he will do nothing because he can.

  2. When people actually work for a living, it does make it difficult to get to the electric office to pay bills. I believe “she” also laid the path to force council to make the borough manager change the window hours to accomodate varying schedules.

    • Re: When people actually work for a living, it does make it difficult to get to the electric office to pay bills.”

      Option #1 – Write a check and put it in the drop box which is available 24/7.
      Option #2 – Pay online which also is available 24/7.

      Conclusion: Problem solved.

    • Just another citizen | March 7, 2017 at 8:44 am | Reply

      I have an 8-5 job out of town, I pay my bill online each and every month. Tell me again her excuse for non-payment??

  3. Suppose you like to paint. You see an ad for a painter. You check it out. You like what you see and you apply for the job.

    In the interview, your future employer reviews all the terms and conditions of the job. You’re elated because the pay is much better than the other painter job you interviewed. You accept these terms and conditions.

    Once you’re on the payroll, you hire an attorney to sue your boss because you get paint on your hands. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? You knew before you accepted the job that there’s the possibility you will get paint on your hands. Now your employer has to hire an attorney for this frivolous lawsuit.

    How does this story relate? Well the one candidate has brought legal charges against his employer (us) because he doesn’t want to pay union dues for the negotiated pay and benefits he enjoys.

    The painter is free to resign his current job and seek employment where there is no union if it is such a contentious issue.

    Do we really want to have an “it’s all about me” candidate on council? I surely don’t.

  4. Just another citizen | March 7, 2017 at 9:27 am | Reply

    Gee, there’s a surprise. Anyone NOT see this coming? So now that their REAL AGENDA’S are on the table, how snookered do you, residents of Ellwood City, feel about their rants and call to action posts about the Electric bills? Have they gotten anything accomplished yet? HECK NO! Now comes the “lets make a deal” vote me in and I’ll be the one that keeps my word. Did you catch the message in the write up? They plan to “Team Up” Just what we need, another “team” to push their majority votes and bad dicisions on the good people of Ellwood City.

  5. They don’t want to run for council! They are being pushed to run for council by a ” Puppet Master” I wont mention his name since they will not publish it but its the truth! Why anyone in Ellwood would even consider voting for any of the 4 is beyond me! They will get nothing accomplished believe me! As I have stated before, the majority of Ellwood city residents pay their bills on time which in winter months could be a little higher but nonetheless they still pay. There is a small percentage of Ellwood folks that just cant get it together and prioritize what is important and comes first like paying bills!

    The path she laid David is full of potholes that she cant fix!
    They are also going to work together, that’s funny! Please tell me how they are going to bring jobs to the area along with fixing up the town and buildings? That was written for them! Everyone works David! why is it that we all can pay our bills on time every month but some of you cant? Its nothing more than an excuse to whine and cry and say poor me!

    • Re: Please tell me how they are going to bring jobs to the area along with fixing up the town and buildings?

      Well, that one guy seems to think that if we spend $21 million to rebuild that lake in Zelienople, people will flock to Ellwood to buy all their fishing supplies.

      Just think about all the revenue generated from the hot dog stand at the new $21 million lake! Don’t forget the tons of money generated from the bait and tackle shops! *sarc

      Yup, all these new four campaigners think a very small group of fishermen in Zelienople will flock to Ellwood. Perhaps a Kool-Aid stand would bring in some revenue since so many are drinking it.

  6. Suppose you want to discuss something with a council member. How do you do it?

    1. Visit council offices? Nope, no one ever there.
    2. Phone the council office? Nope, they don’t have phone service.
    3. Email a council person? Nope, they don’t have email.
    4. Attend a council meeting? Nope, not really the right forum for a one to one conversation.

    Now if you happen to be “in the loop”, you would have their personal phone number. If you’re NOT “in the loop”, you’re out of luck.

    You might know someone who can get a message to a council person. Do not hold your breath expecting a call back.

    All council members should have regularly scheduled office hours on a rotating basis. They need to realize they work for all of us. What we currently have is a shadow governance. I don’t see any accessibility from any of these candidates.

    • Just another citizen | March 8, 2017 at 9:13 am | Reply

      Mary Louise you have my vote! I never thought about it but you are right, Council is completely out of the constituents reach. We should be able to have conversations with these people, not just photo ops. I’m not saying I dislike council, I actually believe most are doing a good job. I would just like to see them become a little more accessible.

  7. I can not believe the hate and bashing already by some of you residents. What do you people expect to have already been accomplished when those running have no control YET on making the necessary changes EC needs? These candidates have attended council meetings to make the voices and concerns of residents heard, and they have not backed down. Too many residents can not afford their electric bills, and that is just the start. How can you support or even be satisfied with current council and their status quo? Are you really that easy to just take what they shove your way?

  8. There is a very small number of people that have an issue with the electric those who were drafted into Bryan Bush’s little army! While I have no personal issues with any of those who have decided to run for council, but none of them are capable of making any decisions in regards to our town. I keep seeing posts on how they are going to manage the money and brings business to Ellwood! How? or is that Bernstein speaking for you? I hope residents of Ellwood take a good hard look at these potential council members and not just look at the ” Electric Blanket” that is being pulled over your heads!

    I think you will find that over time things in Ellwood will get better, we are not the only small town that is struggling. Ellwood should just make the electric eels happy and lower the rates but jack the property taxes up as high as you can for all the landlords!

  9. Ellwood has lost at least 3 major business opetunities bu not offering tax break. That is how any city or township entices new business growth. And I don’t know about anyone else but all I have seen from the past council in the past 17 years I have lived here is less business growth and mor parking lot groth.

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