February Mayor’s Advisory Meeting

On February 23, the Mayor’s Advisory Committee met in council Chambers; parking problems were discussed, especially vehicles parking on corners posing difficulties to drivers. Also discussed were the All Terrain Vehicles on city streets.

Mayor Court reported that Jozek is in poor health and commented that, “there will never be another K9 quite like Jozek”.

The fight against drugs continues and there have been 375 arrests since Mayor Court took office.

It was reported that 3 new businesses have recently opened in the borough: John DeCaro Law Firm, Consignment Shop and Smoking Dave’s Barbecue.

Complaints were received about free-running dogs around Crestview and Skyline Drive.

Next Mayor’s Advisory meeting will be held on March 30, 2017.

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  1. 375 drug arrests and I bet 75% were petty marijuana offenses that are wasting our tax dollars and police overtime. Time to decriminalize and just fine instead of wasting real court time. Show the number and then you can brag mr.mayor.

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