Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Proud to be Involved in Small Town-Big Living


Raymond Santillo, the Director of the Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce sent out the following letter in gratitude to the communities continued support:

“As many of you may know, I am currently the Director of the Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce {ECACC}. I am very proud to lead this enthusiastic group of volunteers that serve our area. I write this to inform our EC Area as an update to Chamber activities and membership.

First I continue to ask all residents in our Chamber area (Ellwood City, Wampum, Marion, Wayne, North Sewickley, Perry, Portersville, Big Beaver, Franklin, Ellport, New Beaver and Koppel) to focus on the good we have. We have great schools, a local newspaper, wonderful businesses, active churches, a community radio station and neighborhoods where people know each other. We have strong fire and police departments, a local library, history center, and a local hospital. We also have beautiful rivers, ballfields and parks. Perhaps more importantly, we have local leadership that we need to thank and support. Let’s applaud the good we have in our area, let’s please speak out about it and create a positive tone. I also want to add that we have many events coming soon. We have Earth Day on Saturday, April 22nd, in Beautiful Ewing Park, hosted in Ellwood City for all of Lawrence County.  On Wednesday April 26th we have two great event’s, we have our Employee Appreciation Luncheon planned and Hack Wilson Day / Ellwood City Day at PNC Park.

I also thank all of our Chamber members – we greatly appreciate your membership and support.  As of February 16th, 2017 we have 356 paid total members. I would also like to welcome our new Chamber Directors, Kristin McKelvey from McElwain Motors, Ed Heltman from Medavac, Shawn Leopardi  from Core 3 Group, Allison Frickanish from Wampum Underground and Samantha Brewer from the Eric Ryan Corporation.  Our office is growing because of these volunteers, thank you for serving.

Lastly, I challenge you to share all of the GOOD we have in the Ellwood City Area. Share this through letters to the editor, on Social Media or by word of mouth. This would generate a lot of contagious excitement and more of a positive feeling about the Ellwood City Area. We do have SO much to offer!

Thank you




Raymond Santillo”

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