Private Investigators Promise Landlord Judgment Recovery

American Business Resource LLC (ABR), a local company staffed with qualified private investigators, has recently expanded their offered services to cater to a common problem for landlords – judgment recovery.

Judgement recovery is often a tricky court settlement since tenants often times will leave without any further notice of address change or updated contact information, leaving the landlord at a standstill for receiving a settlement.

“Landlords often end up in situations where they are stiffed, either their tenants don’t pay rent or their bills and the landlord is left to pick up the tab,” Dave Gulish, the company’s founder stated, “and that’s where we come in.”

Gulish said that the company focuses their private investigation skills on locating the delinquent tenant and recovering the losses, splitting the judgment recovery in a fair amount with the landlord.

“We have all the resources to do the hard work of locating and fighting for the recovery, which is something not many people know where to start with or even have the time for.”

ABR offers other appealing services to landlords, such as performing background checks on possible leasers, which will check for any history of violent or financial crimes as well as employment and education screening.

More information about their offered services can be found on ABR’s official website here, or by calling their number at 1-888-681-2251.


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  1. It’s judgment, not judgement. The ad has it right.

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