Criminal Complaints: Woman Who Used Fake Identity Facing Felony Charges

Woman Who Used Fake Identity Facing Felony Charges

About a month ago a police report was released regarding a Warren, Ohio woman coming to the Ellwood City Hospital in an attempt to receive narcotic pain treatment by providing false identification. The police report can be read here.

The woman, identified as Sharon Denise Shaw-Chandler is now facing two prohibited acts felony charges after providing false identification to the hospital on at lease six separate known occasions.


Man Faces Felony After Fighting Band Members

According to the criminal complaint, on Jan. 15 officers were dispatched to Enon Inn for a report of an assault involving two band members at the bar. Upon arrival at the scene, just after 1a.m., the officer met with both victims who stated they were standing outside the bar smoking a cigarette when a young male, which neither of the band members knew, approached them both and started yelling at them, enticing them to fight. The male, later identified as Evan Dewayne DeGaton, 26, of Bessemer Pa., punched one of the males in the face and while the other male tried to get DeGaton off of his friend, DeGaton punched him in the face and round house kicked him in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground on his hip. The injured victim was later taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured right hip and a contusion to his chest. The bar owner said the defendant was in the bar earlier in the night causing a scene and throwing bar stools and was asked to leave. DeGaton will be facing a felony aggravated assault charge along with basic harassment and disorderly conduct charges.

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