Suboxone Clinic Opens in Ellwood City

Controversially, a suboxone clinic located on Pershing Street only a few blocks from the hospital has recently opened as an attempt to combat opiate addictions in the area.

After the positive results of operating another suboxone clinic at their Bridgeville location, Freedom Healthcare Services was requested to open another clinic for the cause in Ellwood City.

Suboxone is an opiate derived alternative to help curve opiate addictions; the idea of the drug is that it allows the user a way of controlling their opiate craving while still allowing them the ability to focus on meeting their treatment goals.

Despite the controversy surrounding the seemingly paradoxical use of opiates to control addiction, RaeAnn Gordon, the Clinical Director of Freedom Healthcare stated that she has seen many lives turned around due to the clinics.

“Patients have treatment plans they are expected to follow, including mandatory therapy sessions. I have seen so many families reunited, relationships saved, jobs kept, and over all mental and physical health return to patients that follow their treatment plans,” she said.

It isn’t a quick fix, however. Full recovery is expected in about two years from the start of treatment.

The first year focuses mainly on getting the patients life to a more-stable position and the second year is directed at encouraging the patient to be able to make proactive decisions on their own while incorporating the slow weening of drugs.

With a full staff of medical and clinical professionals striving to cure patients, the clinic is one of the few in the area endorsed by the state for their services.

The practice has the ability to cater for up to 210 patients and as patients increase so will their hours of operation.

The facility welcomes anyone in need as long as they have insurance or medicaid, cash is not accepted at the clinic for payment.

To learn more about the facility and to find contact information, view their official website here.


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