POLICE: Two Charged With Marijuana Possession

Two Charged with Marijuana Possession

Joseph Edward Haybarger, 20, of Ellwood City, and Anthony Booker, 18, of New Castle, were both charged after an incident that occurred on Jan. 17. According to the criminal complaint, an officer was traveling behind a vehicle operated by Haybarger when the officer noticed the passenger side window was down and the smell of marijuana was emitting from the car. The officer stopped the vehicle and as Haybarger opened his driver side window the smell of suspected marijuana was again emanating from the vehicle. Haybarger advised that he did possess marijuana and opened up the center console which contained a plastic zip-lock baggie containing 7 grams of marijuana. Booker also admitted to having 4.3 grams of marijuana in his pocket. The car was searched by Ellwood’s K-9 unit who discovered a digital scale and a half smoked marijuana blunt. Haybarger is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and Booker is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance.


Husband Holds Gun to Wife’s Head

Updated 1/30/17- According to the police report, on Jan. 21 Michael Francis Griggle, 45, of Ellwood City got into an argument with his wife which had turned physical. The victim called 911 to report that she and Griggle had gotten into an argument and that her husband had punched her in the face twice, also claiming that he had taken his handgun out of his waistband, held it up to her head, and threatened to shoot her. Officers observes physical signs of abuse on the victim. Griggle fled the scene before officers arrived and there is a current warrant out for his arrest. Griggle will be facing the following charges, 2 counts of simple assault, one count of recklessly endangering another person, one count of terroristic threats, and one count of harassment.


Accident on Woodside Ave. Resulted in Electric Outage

According to the police report, on Jan. 14 an accident that occurred at 6a.m. resulted in a complete road closure on Woodside Ave. When officers arrived at the scene they observed a white sedan with signifigant rear end damage facing the opposite direction off of the right side of the roadway along the treeline. The driver of the vehicle, who was uninjured, said he was traveling north on Woodside toward New Castle, speeding because he was late for work; due to being unfamiliar with the roadways he did not anticipate the bend in the road where he lost control of his vehicle, ultimately causing him to veer off the right side of the roadway where he then tried to compensate the vehicle by turning left, resulting in the car performing a 180 degree spin with the back end of the vehicle striking an electric utility pole. The vehicle struck the grounded cable wires at the center rear of the vehicle, causing major damage to the automobile. Due to the cable disruption, electric and cable lines were fulled from the area homes and electric was cut to the surrounded area.

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