Police: 13 Year Old Charged After Making Death Threats to the Owners of Stolen Guns

A 13 year old student was apprehended by North Sewickley Police after his direct involvement in a stolen weapons and terroristic threat incident that occurred last week.

After the teen was harassing a classmate via social media, the mother of the harassed peer attempted to contact the juveniles parents and during the phone call the teen threatened to shoot the woman – unknowingly to the woman he was referring to shooting her with two loaded hand guns that had been stolen from her husband by the harassing teen and a friend at an earlier occasion.

The bullied teen suggested the weapons may have been stolen, which prompted the husband to check his gun cabinet where he later confirmed the missing firearms.

Police asked the boy’s mother to check for the firearms in his room, where she then uncovered both loaded handguns and turned them in.

The teen and his friend acquired the guns after they had broken into the household via a window, further breaking into the gun cabinet and stealing the pistols.

Both the teen and his accomplice are being charged with illegal weapons possession, burglary, and conspiracy to commit burglary, while the teen who made the threats is also being charged with making terroristic threats.

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