Kyree’s Dream Team “Eat at Pizza Joe’s” Fundraiser

Pizza Joe’s in Ellwood is hosting another benefit for Kyree Beachem, a 10 year old multi-organ transplant receiver.

After suffering with Hirschsprung’s disease her whole life, 10-year-old Kyree remains positive, hopeful, and inspirational.

Following a failed organ transplant in 2010, Beachem had recieved a second transplant in November of 2015.

As with many organ transplant receivers, Beachem’s body rejected the first organ transplant – causing it to fail, and now her body has started to reject the second donor organs she received. She has been administered medication to fight the rejection while doctors are doing biopsies on the affected tissue.

Despite the obstacles that she faces, she is often seen with a big smile on her face, many of which you can witness by following her Facebook page.

It’s without a doubt that Kyree has an amazing and much needed support team which helps keep her spirits high; not only does her family remain positive and by her side, but her story has attracted world-wide support.

Our Ellwood City community alone has hosted several fundraisers to benefit Kyree, including several Pizza Joe’s luncheons and they show no sign of stopping their support of the brave young lady.

Be part of Kyree’s Dream Team and join Pizza Joe’s efforts to benefit her. The official flyer is below.


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