Police: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas… Decorations

Around this time of year we’re pretty used to the idea of an unsuspecting man coming to our residence to give us free things -we are not however, so prepared for the idea of an unsuspecting individual coming to our houses to steal our things.

According to the police report, on Nov. 22 a resident on Pershing St. called to report a theft at their residence. It is assumed that the perpetrators came to the residence between the hours of 12a.m. and 9:25a.m. to steal the Christmas decorations that were set up in the victims front lawn. Any remaining decorations that were not stolen were damaged by the thieves. Total loss to the victim is estimated around $300.

“Honestly, you can’t innocently enjoy the holidays anymore. If you put decorations up, in the back of your mind you’re hoping no one steals or damages your items like what happened to this family. It can happen to anyone and it’s really sad that this is what our community -and many others, are coming to. Hopefully who ever did this owns up to it,” a local who wishes to remain anonymous stated.

Currently, the case is under further investigation and if anyone has any information regarding the theft they are encouraged to call the Ellwood City Police Department at 724-824-7635.


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  1. Someone took my 100 lb. gargoyle from my front yard the evening of Thanksgiving day. If the Ellwood City police would patrol the community instead of “holding up” at the station maybe the thieves would think twice about taking decorations.

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