Trump to Host a Public Rally in Ambridge

Controversially, presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to be hosting a rally at the Ambridge Area High School gymnasium Monday, October 10, in hopes to gain back his lost popularity in Pennsylvania. In recent polls Clinton gained between a 4 to 10 point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania.

Although Trump has been to Pittsburgh several times, this is the first time he has promoted his campaign in Beaver County.

Many individuals involved with the Ambridge School District are worried that allowing Trump to speak at their gymnasium will give a false sense of endorsement from the school- who says they remain neutral regarding the election and if Clinton wanted to rent the space she would be given the same stipulations.

In favor of the schools non-biased claims, they will be charging the Trump Campaign a base rate of $2,000 to host the event at the gymnasium.

Doors to the event open at noon with the actual event starting at 3:30p.m. Tickets for the event can be requested here.


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  1. Apparently the only way to now get tickets is Craigslist:

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