Real Estate Transactions for September 2016

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for September of 2016:


             Ellwood City

222 Franklin Ave, Elaine M. Pasquale to Christopher Slagle for $45,000.

812 Sunset Blvd, Nicole Ehrler to Robert Sudano for $95,000.

760 Pershing St, Kenneth P. and Denise A. Amonette for $92,500.

228 Wampum Ave, Ryan J. Baney to Thomas A. Fix for $12,000.

1106 Center Ave, Jeremiah Friday to Daniel C. and Marcia L. Glover for $33,000.

417 Hazel Ave, Brad R. and Lynn M. Ketterer to Joseph Desanzo for $205,000.

737 1st Ave, Dorothy M. Flecher EST to Jeffrey S. Mannion for $96,000.

1013 Aetna Dr, Wells Fargo Bank to Frank M. Stefura for $25,000.

701 Skyline Dr, Helen Kloos to Lawrence D. and Mary C. Chandler for $62,000.

515 Denny St, Ryan M. Stewart and Leslie A. McElwain to Jonathon Thomas McElwain for $194,000.

729 1st Ave, Brain Bush to Lindsey Jayne and Kristopher Cameron Kemper for $85,000.

407 Foch St, Rachel and Adam Donnelly to Kayla M Book and Lonnie L. Currie for $132,000.

718 Plymouth Lane, Donald L. and Patricia A. Coulter to Terra L. and Richard V. Larkin for $217,700.

709 Pershing St, Geza George Laszlo EST to Nicholas and Shasta Postich for $99,000.

629 Hazel Ave, Patsy A. Dicarlo EST to Dylan L. and Sarah C. Fabish for $49,900.

North Beaver Township

4309 Edinburg Rd, Margaret J. Hammond, L Merritt Hammond, Edna M. Hammond, and Melanie Hall to James R. and Rae Bethe Dean Jones for $23,000.

114 Bryan St, Fortune Foreclosures LLC to JJAM LLC for $85,000.

1448 Moravia Rd, Donald J. and Linda M. Quinn to John Odell for $465,000.

154 Mohawk School Rd, Theodore F. and Fred T. EST to Michael Benjamin Wyant for $112,000.

4665 Edinburg Rd, Edward G. Burnside to Shawnee Fife for $32,182.37.

Shenango Township

831 Allegheny Ave, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Meng Ling Dong for $35,010.

2459 Pennsylvania Ave, Debra M. Marino to Jason X. and Sunshine D. Homner for $149,900.

3605 S Maple Dr, Brandon and Shawna R. Stelter to Timothy J. and Rebecca Haas for $168,000.

141 Kasevic Lane, Jennie M. Settle to Louis M. and Deborah K. Settle for $40,000.

38 Links Dr, Donald Cochran to Jodi L. Russo for $110,000.

4314 Hollow Rd, Reta N. Zeigler to Jack J. and Kristen E. Medure for $149,228.

530 Harmony Baptist Rd, Daniel J. Kimmel to Craig A. and Beth A. Wethli for $105,000.

790 Alborn Ave, Anita F. Hooks to David Stopps for $107,000.

2612 W Ridgewood CT, Pelagia T. Wise Jr., Paula Rossi, and Paul M. Wise Jr. to Douglas A. Dean for $35,000.

2765 Old Butler Rd, Rebecca Joan Robinson to Matthew C. Stimac and Kiersten E. Foreback for $160,680.

Slippery Rock Township

4002 Ellwood Rd, Roberta M. Kennedy to David Kennedy for $20,000.

1945 Squaw Run Rd, Michaelyn L. Williams EST to Gary H. and Carol E. Norton for $103,000.

3705 Frew Mill Rd, Marylou K. Frazier to Thomas D. and Dee Ann Bloom for $125,500.

4012 Ellwood Rd, Caroline S. Lemmon to Ronald J. Barnes and Nita Veres for $104,550.

Wayne Township

177 Ren Lee Ave, Robert and Angela M. Hamrick to David and Nicole Gulish for $157,590.

177 Kissick Lane, Proesr INC to John Landis McReynolds and Star Lynn Hudspath for $250,000.

4571 Old Pittsburgh Rd, Anthony and Marcia Sotiriou to Jesus and Medina Hernandez for $257,000.

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