Police Reports: Several Clown Sightings in Ellwood

Three Separate Clown Sighting Incidents Have Been Reported to the Ellwood City Police Department:

According to the police report, on September 30, officers were dispatched to the Ellwood City football game after a caller had reported two characters in clown masks were terrorizing civilians at the game. The caller advised police that after she had heard rumors from her 12 year old daughter that two clowns were supposed to show up to the football game and start shooting people she immediately went to pick her daughter up. Upon her arrival she witnessed the two masked individuals parked in a black truck outside the gates of the game and crowds of people were running away screaming. Police made contact with the actors who were males, 16 and 17, one from Beaver Falls and the other from Ellwood City, and issued them a citation for disorderly conduct. It did not seem like these particular actors had any intentions of shooting anyone.

According to the police report, on September 29, officers were dispatched to Lawrence Ave and 9th Street after they received a complaint that an individual with a clown mask was banging on vehicle windows that were stopped in traffic. The caller observed the clown get into a car and drive off. When officers arrived the scene was clear.

According to the police report, on September 29 at approximately one in the morning, officers received a complaint by an individual who stated he was being stalked by someone dressed as a clown. The victim was walking from his residence on Summit Ave. when he heard “jingling noises” and after he walked a few blocks and still heard the jingling he turned around and saw someone dressed as a clown about 50 yards away staring at him. The victim continued to walk and the clown followed him until eventually the clown was picked up by an unknown sedan.

Man on Probation Caught with Stolen Gun and Drug Paraphernalia

According to the police report, on October 3, probation officers were checking on 23 year old Jacob Clemmer of 437 Loop Street. While checking the residence the agents uncovered drug paraphernalia in two of the bedrooms, one of which was being occupied by a 17 year old friend. In the juveniles bedroom the officers found a glass pipe with marijuana residue left in it along with a silver scale and an F.I.E. .22 Caliber handgun found stashed between the mattress and box springs. In Clemmer’s bedroom officers found a scale and a plastic tube pipe, both of which had marijuana reside. The officers also uncovered a semi-automatic Ruger STURN .22 Caliber handgun which was reported stolen on January 22, 2015 by New Sewickley Police. The F.I.E. could not be ran in the data base to see if it was stolen because the serial numbers had been removed and were illegible. Clemmer was arrested and is being charged with receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm with manufacturer numbers altered, and prohibited acts (possession of drug paraphernalia).

Skunks Causing Ellwood Residents to Do Strange Things

According to the police report, on October 2 at approximated 12 in the morning, officers were dispatched to a resident address on Pittsburgh Circle after reports of a suspicious man lingering about with a flashlight. Upon arrival officers observed where the light was coming from and found an elderly man in his backyard with a kitten who was attempting to scare away skunks.

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  1. If your caught with hard drugs, weapons violation, uncountable large sums of cash, outstanding warrants, ect. You should immediately be kicked out if housing and your kids should be place in protected child custody.

  2. Anytime the police try to do their job they are scrutinized and people just want to protest (riot)! What a joke, we’re all in trouble if Hillary is elected!

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