Ellwood City Police Not Securing Home Game Tonight

It was mentioned in a previous post that Ellwood City School District is forced to hire private security instead of having Ellwood City Police securing the home games like they have been doing for years.

The issue stems from the borough being unable to comply with the schools security needs at this time, mainly due to an ongoing uncertainty regarding how many officers they would need to hire per game.

At the school board meeting last night, the school board president, Renne Pitrelli, stated that the issue between the school and borough has not yet resolved and the school has had no other option but to hire a private security company for tonight’s football game.

She said the company is Capital Asset and they will be covering the home football and volleyball games until further notice. The school is still in search of security options for their other sports games.

The school board is still hopeful the borough will resolve the issue soon.

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  1. How can this board not get something like this squared away before the first home game? When you have incompetent people elected to positions that impact the school and/or community, things like this will continue to happen. Our current school board is more interested in stroking their own egos than doing what’s best for the school, students and community.

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