Ellwood City School District Forced to Hire Private Security for Games

There have been rumors going around that Ellwood City School District will no longer be provided with Ellwood City police officers for security at their high school sporting events, leaving it up to the school district to hire a private security company.

Though Ellwood City’s Mayor, Anthony Court, confirmed the rumors to be true, he said said the issue is likely to be temporary.

We also spoke with one of the school board members, LeRoy Cortez, who stated that the school has had a long-standing contract with the borough to provide security at games, which they’ve never had a problem with until this year. He wanted to make it very clear that the borough and school board have always been very cooperative with each other and he is in very high hopes that this will resolve in the near future.

The exact issue the borough is having with the contract is in regards to how many officers they would have to hire to provide security. Until the discrepancies are solved between the Borough and the police force, the school will be looking for alternative security options.

How much this will affect the school is unclear at this point and if it’s not resolved before the next school board meeting on September 6th, it will be further discussed there.

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