Criminal Complaints: Man Resisting Arrest Results in a Bloody Struggle

Man resisting arrest results in a bloody struggle

According to the criminal complaint filed on August 25, Jamie Steven Sullivan, 44, will be facing charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, presenting false identification to law enforcement, and criminal mischief.

Sullivan and two friends were pulled over for suspicious behavior witnessed by officers on Thursday night. Law enforcement asked the gentlemen in the car for some sort of identification; while two of the men gave police officers their driver license, Sullivan stated he didn’t have an I.D. Sullivan instead provided officials with a name and date of birth, which he claimed was James Jance, born 8-14-1972. Officials could not find a James Jance born on the date given and questioned Sullivan about his given information. At this time Sullivan started getting nervous and said he was born in December of 1972 but couldn’t remember the date of his birth. Officers asked Sullivan how he doesn’t know his own date of birth to which Sullivan responded he was born January 11, 1972. Dispatch advised there was still no record of a James Jance born on the given day. At this time an officer asked Sullivan to exit the vehicle. As soon as Sullivan exited the vehicle he attempted to flee from the officers. The officers struggled with Sullivan, who struck the officers and refused to comply with verbal commands to stop, which resulted in one of the officers tasering the defendant. Sullivan, still refusing commands, was struck in the leg with a baton as officers attempted to get him on the ground. He was eventually detained and taken into custody; he admitted his name was Jamie Sullivan born 8-24-1972, and he was resisting arrest because he thought he might have had a pending warrant, however, police informed him he did not. Sullivan also admitted to officers that he had been smoking cocaine out of a can, causing him to feel unwell. Law enforcement took Sullivan to the Ellwood City Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Several of the officers sustained numerous lacerations and injuries from the struggle and a couple of the officers had direct contact with the defendants blood into their open wounds. One officer had his glasses broken, two officers had their uniforms damaged and covered in blood, and one of the cruisers was covered with Sullivan’s blood “inside and out”.

5 men facing charges for stolen property

According to the criminal complaint, filed on 8-23-16, a local resident of Ellwood arrived at the police station to report her ATV’s stolen. At this time an officer stated he was aware of another local police department currently conducting a traffic stop involving stolen ATV’s and suspected the men involved may be the same culprits. The responding department brought picture evidence to the Ellwood Police Department in the hopes that the victim could identify the vehicles. The victim quickly confirmed she was the owner of the stolen vehicles in the photos. One of the defendants gave officers a written statement confessing to stealing the ATV’s. Between the written statement and the traffic stop, law enforcement had an ample amount of evidence to charge Joshua Klein, Preston Currie, Camren Haney, Tyler Barker, and Dealamar Matthews with theft. Barker, Currie, Haney, and Klein were also charged with criminal conspiracy; Currie and Barker face an extra charge of unauthorized use of automobiles.


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  1. I would leave a comment if they would stop changing my words. Let’s true again. Under no circumstances do you resist arrest. When you challenge the police you are breaking the law. Also then things get rougher.

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