Letter to the Editor: Let’s Preserve Our Drinking Water Source

The German investors that own our local water works plan to build a new facility which will not use Slippery Rock Creek water to service its customers. It will be built on land adjacent to the Ellwood City-Wampum road and will draw its water from both the Connoquenessing Creek and Beaver River.

I cannot believe we would knowingly give up our wonderful Slippery Rock water for these other very inferior sources. Sure it will be treated water but will it have that spring water taste and other qualities the Slipper Rock gives us? I don’t think so. And I frankly wonder if the German company realizes it either.

In any case we only have until the end of this month (July) to protest to the proper authorities in Meadville or it’s a done deal.

I urge all the citizens concerned, especially our city council, lawyers, doctors and educators to prevent this from happening so that we can continue cooking our food, washing our clothes and bathing our bodies with Slippery Rock water.

I have personally submitted a formal complaint to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. I strongly suggest that any concerned citizens write to the DEP to voice their opinions as well. The mailing address is: Northwest Region State Water Drinking Program, 250 Chestnut St., Meadville, PA 16335-3481.

-Concerned Ellwoodian

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  1. Spring water taste?
    Are you kidding?
    I have resolved to use a water purifier on my tap
    no matter where the water comes from.

  2. Francis Ramsden | August 1, 2016 at 8:03 am | Reply

    Is there a cost savings to be had from this new water source? Will it be passed onto the citizens of Ellwood City?

  3. Our current water supply is upstream from the major industries in Ellwood City. The new location will be downstream from NALCO, INMETCO, and The Forge thus possibly contaminated by one or all three.

  4. The new water supply will be from the Beaver River….the headwaters of the Beaver River are the Shenango River and the Mahoning River….hmmmmm….what’s up that way?? Bessemer, Farrell, Shenango, Youngstown–heavy industrial areas; one mill after another…
    Read up some if you have moment about the Beaver River from the PA Fish Commission….it’s contaminated with PCB’s…..don’t eat the fish!!
    The Slippery Rock Creek is a rolling churning scouring type river, mostly cleans itself by Mother Nature. Have you seen the Beaver River? It just flows flat and drops silt that might not move along for years.
    The cost? I’d figure it’s going to cost a lot more to clean the Beaver River than to clean the Slippery Rock! Who pays for all that extra chemistry? Yep….you and me.
    I’ve heard the treatment plant owner doesn’t have room for a new plant on the Slippery Rock, really? Has anyone seen their property boundary’s? Why can’t we divert our water from another source while a plant is being built on the Slippery Rock and switch the water back? “Costs too much!” Again, really? This could potentially be another 130 year lifespan treatment plant…take the extra cost and divide by 130 years….not such a big number now is it?
    It just seems the citizens of Ellwood City have not been properly informed….Koppel citizens also. Ask around, I’m guessing there are plenty of Koppel citizens who remember when their community was switched from Beaver/Brighton water to Ellwood City water…that was a good day for Koppel!

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