Aaron Bernstine Statement on Passing of PA Budget

Today, Pennsylvania’s $31 billion state “budget” has become law. At a time when many Pennsylvania families have to do more with less, the Harrisburg politicians increased overall state spending to record levels by approving a 4.8% increase. No household would try to increase its spending by 4.8% without knowing where the additional money was coming from. Yet, Pennsylvania’s legislators have done just that — with taxpayer money, not their own.

This budget proves once again how out of touch Harrisburg and career politicians are. They cannot balance this budget without raising taxes on the rest of us. Harrisburg politicians have increased spending 24% over the last decade, and we are forced to foot the bill.

In this budget alone, the Harrisburg politicians increased their own funding by $18.6 million while they slashed programs like “Keystone Communities,” which helps to revitalize our downtown areas, by $4.5 Million.

To say that the political establishment doesn’t understand the issues that each of us face every day is an understatement, and we are stuck dealing with the consequences of their actions.

The 10th District needs someone who has worked in the private sector and has the experience to actually implement policies. Talking about proposals is no longer good enough, and the lack of productivity has crushed our region. We cannot handle one more budget like the last two that we have had.

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