Opinion: Festival!

It’s the most exciting time of the year in Ellwood City! The time that Ewing Park gets filled with tents, trailers, humans and food. Everybody in the Ellwood area should go to the festival! We should all unabashedly promote the festival.

This year’s festival is under almost entirely new leadership, and they’ve done a wonderful job marketing and organizing.

Thank you and congratulations to chairperson Becky Guisler and the festival committee consisting of Beth Kingston (Treasurer), Raylene Boots (Secretary & Food), Renee Radevski (Crafts), Nikki Mars (Crafts), Vic Rangel (Entertainment), Paul Dici (Food), Sam Pawlowski (Grounds), Mike Sinclair (Parking) Ralph Chippetta (Donations) and Alyson Sprague (Juried Art Show).

The vendor spots are sold out and there’s more food and entertainment than ever. This evening will also see the first ever festival community dance. I’m hoping the work the committee put into promoting the festival around the Lawrence/Beaver County area will result in an increased turnout as well.

As a reminder, the food vendors are all connected with a non-profit organization, so buying food at the festival supports the organizations that build Ellwood City.

My favorite parts of the festival are people watching and the food, although I don’t like pepperoni rolls, which I suppose is very anti-Ellwoodian.

Everyone have a great 4th of July weekend, and I’ll see you at the festival. But you might not see me because I’m sneaky.

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  1. Is it no longer a festival of homemade crafts? I saw a vendor selling BOXED puzzles by the dozens and another selling home party supplies.

  2. The festival is a nice community event. However, borough residents are paying the price for the festival with outrageous electric bills. Sorry, but I don’t go to the festival so I really don’t want to pay for it.

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