Franklin Township to Discontinue White Waste Management Bags

Effective May 31 white waste management bags will be discontinued for Franklin Township. Residents may use the remaining bags that they have purchased. Going forward Waste Management will now offer a sticker service. The stickers are $3 apiece. Each bag placed on the curb for pickup or placed in the dumpsters at the township building will need to have a sticker attached.

The stickers can be purchased by either calling 1-800-866-4460 or by mailing a check to : Waste Management Attn: Sticker Service, 625 Cherrington Parkway, Moon Township, PA  15108.

2 Comments on "Franklin Township to Discontinue White Waste Management Bags"

  1. Who though of these stupid ideas? Just have normal trash pickup like other towns.

  2. I agree with Jerry, the whole trash pickup routine in Franklin Twp. is ridiculous!!! Just because Trader Horn went out of business we now can’t purchase the white bags anymore… there are other options to purchase the bags but now we have to go through the hassle of purchasing them directly through Waste Management… Why can’t they be purchase at the Franklin Twp Building?

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