Mayor Announces Summer 2016 Beautification Awards

Mayor Anthony J. Court has announced today that once again Ellwood City’s residents will turn their properties into beautiful landscape displays for everyone to enjoy.

As in past years, Mayor Court plans to present “2016 Beautification Awards” and restaurant certificates to five area residents who are nominated by family and friends for taking pride in their properties and in Ellwood City.

All area residents are encouraged to participate in beautifying your yards and also to nominate someone who has put their time and talents into making their flowers, shrubs and yard displays that eye catching for all to see.

Mayor Court’s office will accept the nominations by phone, mail, Facebook or in person at his office in the Municipal Building. If you feel someone is deserving of this award, please be sure to nominate them.

Presentations will begin the middle of June through the end of August. As always, it’s nice to see how the summer displays bring the area to life, and now is the time to show your talent of beautifying Ellwood City properties.

Good luck to everyone and have a safe summer.

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  1. Francis Ramsden | April 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm | Reply

    A very nice local program. Would love to see more of these types of projects versus $12k bocce courts.

    I better go get a weedwacker before I become the scourge of town!

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