Lawrence County Primary Election Results

Aaron Bernstine won the Republican nomination for State Representative in the 10th Legislative District in a three-way race. In state and national elections, Lawrence County largely followed the trend throughout Pennsylvania, with Donald Trump winning a majority for the Republican presidential primary and Hillary Clinton a majority in the Democratic primary.

10,979 Republican ballots and 11,785 Democratic ballots were cast in Lawrence County representing 47.60 percent of registered Republicans and 51.09 percent of registered Democrats.

For the president of the United States, Trump, Republican front runner and overall winner of Pennsylvania, received 6,964 votes, more than Ted Cruz and John Kasich combined who received 2,623 and 1,794 votes.

Lawrence County Democrats chose Clinton over Bernie Sanders 54.33 percent to 36.94 percent, with Clinton receiving 5,842 votes to Sanders’ 3,972.

Incumbent Republican Senator Pat Toomey won an uncontested primary as did Mike Kelly, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District, Keith Rothfus, U.S. Representative for the 12th District, and Elder Vogel, State Senator for Pennsylvania’s 47th District.

Bernstine received 3,151 votes, defeating Dawnlyn Valli and Cliff Glovier by a massive margin: 287 and 114 votes. In the November general election, Bernstine will run against Democratic incumbent Jarret Gibbons, who ran unopposed in the primary. Incumbent Chris Sainato, representative for the 9th district, also ran unopposed.

Democrat Katie McGinty won her party’s nomination for U.S. Senator and will run against Toomey in November. McGinty received 4,633 votes, defeating three opponents- John Fetterman with 2,408, Joe Sestak with 2,295, and Joseph Vodvarka with 963.

Election results courtesy of the Lawrence County Courthouse. The full results can be viewed here.



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