Podcast: Interview with Mayor Anthony J. Court

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  1. Nice interview. Did the Mayor really say that police officer had probable cause to search someone’s car for drugs after a routine traffic stop? I really do not have an expectation that a basketball referee should be up to date on the 4th Amendment, but these comments are beyond comprehension for someone in charge of a police department. I guess he also didn’t realize you could ask the town to pave your private property at taxpayer’s expense, only to be charged under $1000 for a job that any other taxpayer would have paid $5000 retail for. He laughs now. I will be laughing when the FBI and the DOJ scoop this guy out of his bed and they put him in a jail cell where he belongs. I hope someone is planning a run against this imbecile.

  2. Francis Ramsden | April 19, 2016 at 2:05 pm | Reply

    Mayor Court mentioned “replacement costs” as a major reason for a bloated overtime payroll.

    Do we really have this many officers calling off sick that this is creating a problem? Jonathan please if you could do some follow up research, I would appreciate it. At a certain point, if officers are calling off so frequently, there needs to be accountability and self responsibility.

    Finally, why is “vacation time” considered “replacement costs”? Do officers not put in for vacation in advance? If so, the schedule should take that into account and there should be no surprises. I don’t get this one bit.

    Good interview Jonathan. I would definitely suggest following up on these “replacement costs” and see if you can get some figures to reflect the mayor’s claims. Either way its not a very good reason to have overtime out the wazoo.

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