Ellwood City Teacher Recognized for Excellence in Technology Education

Allentown, PA, March 30, 2016 –The Hybrid Learning Institute (HLI) today announced the winners of the “Rock Star” awards for the outstanding use of educational technology in Pennsylvania classrooms. The recognition was given to educators who best used new technology tools to improve student performance.

Anita Hand, an elementary school teacher in Ellwood City Area School District, won “Best New Artist” for her pioneering work at North Side Primary. The competition included 75 nominees from 100 different schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“Most schools are incorporating technology into their classrooms, but not all are achieving better academic results,” said Kevin Dellicker, President of Dellicker Strategies. “These educators prove that new technology tools combined with proven teaching methods can personalize learning and lead to better student outcomes.”

In a recent study of 100 schools, the Hybrid Learning Institute found that students in “hybrid” classrooms outperformed students in traditional classrooms by 19% on state assessments. The report is available here: www.pahli.org/results.

Hybrid learning is an instructional strategy that uses digital resources to help teachers provide targeted instruction and enable self-paced learning. It incorporates multiple teaching methodologies into the classrooms and maximizes small group interactions. When delivered effectively, hybrid learning can increase student engagement and motivate children to learn.

“Ellwood City Area School District is very proud of Mrs. Hand and our entire team at North Side Primary,” Joe Mancini, Superintendent of Schools, said. “Mrs. Hand is a true innovator in the use of classroom technology to help her students learn.”

Mr. Mancini also stated that, “We are using hybrid learning in grades one and two and the teachers and staff have embraced the process and have worked hard to implement the strategies.  The Ellwood City Area School District is committed to the use of technology in the classroom so that students are prepared for college or career and it starts at a young age.”

This year’s Hybrid Learning “Rock Stars” are:

Best New Artist

Awarded to the HLI educators who made the most positive impact on students during their first year of hybrid instruction.

  • Categories and awardees:
    • Administrator
      • Phil Latella- Hazelton Area School District
      • Bernadette Boerckel -Warrior Run School District
    • Elementary School
      • Anita Hand- Ellwood City Area School District
      • Jen Snarski- Millville Area School District
    • Middle School
      • Natalie Baran- Bethlehem Area School District
      • Marc Freeman and his team- Bloomsburg Area School District
    • High School
      • Wendy Simpson- Parkland School District
      • Mary Freed- West York Area School District

Best New Group

Awarded to the HLI district team that made the most positive impact on students during their first year of hybrid instruction.

  • Awardees:
    • Hazleton Area School District- Arthur Street Elementary and Hazle Township Early Learning Center
    • School District of Lancaster- Washington Elementary School

Producer of the Year

Awarded to the most outstanding administrator advocates for hybrid learning.

  • Categories and awardees:
    • East
      • Christine Lay- Gettysburg Area School District
    • West
      • Roberta DiLorenzo- Washington Area School District

Legend Award

Special merit award to an educator for his/her ongoing contributions and influence in the field of hybrid learning.

  • Awardee:
    • Melissa Goldstein- Parkland School District

Lifetime Achievement Award

Special merit award presented to a district or educator who, during his/her lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding significance to the field of hybrid learning.

  • Awardees:
    • Conrad Weiser Area School District

Performance of the Year

Awarded to the best overall team performance of teachers and administrators working together on hybrid learning.

  • Awardee:
    • Gettysburg Area School District

Artist of the Year

Awarded to the HLI educator who best delivered hybrid instruction to students during the 2014-15 academic year.

  • Awardee:
    • Dawn Laub- Antietam School District
    • Jen Alt- South Eastern School District

About Hybrid Learning Institute

The Hybrid Learning Institute is a group of more than 1,000 teachers and administrators working to improve student achievement through the better use of digital resources in schools. For information visit www.hybridlearninginstitute.org.

Dellicker Strategies is a Pennsylvania consulting firm that helps schools adopt innovative technologies and teaching methods to personalize instruction.  Dellicker Strategies is a consultant to the Hybrid Learning Institute and primary sponsor of the “Rock Star” awards. For information visit: www.dellicker.com.

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