Ellwood City Track and Field Grabs Individual Wins in Double Meet

The Ellwood City boys and girls track and field started the season yesterday with a double meet versus Beaver and Rochester at home. Both the boys and girls teams defeated Rochester but lost to Beaver.

The Ellwood girls dominated much of the field competition against both Beaver and Rochester, with Mia DeCaria winning the high and triple jumps, Goldie Bookamer winning the pole-vault, Karrington Ketterer winning javelin and Madison Morella winning the long jump.

For the boys, Billy Lott won the 3200 meter run while placing second in the 800 and 1600 to Beaver’s Riley Lamison. Keyshawn Gatto, Ricky Roth and River Kelly snatched wins in the 400 meter dash, high jump and shot-put.

Girls Results

EC: 48.5  Beaver: 100.5
EC: 88     Beaver: 29

Event 1st Place- Beaver 1st Place- Rochester
4×800 Relay Beaver, 11:04.2
110M Hurdles Olivia Neely, B, 16.3 Madison Morella, EC, 16.3
100M Dash Madison Morella, EC, 13.9 Madison Morella, EC, 13.9
1600M Run Rachel O’Neil, B, 5:47.4 Goldie Bookamer, EC, 5:58.2
4×100 Relay Beaver, 53.6
400M Dash Maria Miocic, B, 1:10.2 Mya Elmor, R, 1:07.8
300M Hurdles Olivia Neely, B, 47.0 Maruana Mullins, R, 53.7
800M Run Laureen Johns, B, 2:36.6 Goldie Bookamer, EC, 2:46.8
200M Dash Ava Elliott, B, 28.9 Mya Elmor, R, 28.8
3200M Rachel O’Neil, B, 12:01.6 Madison Spadafore, EC, 14:12.1
4×400 Relay Beaver, 4:30.3
High Jump Mia DeCaria, EC, 4-8 Mia DeCaria
Long Jump Madison Morella, EC, 15-0 Madison Morella
Triple Jump Mia DeCaria, EC, 30-2 Mia DeCaria
Pole-Vault Goldie Bookamer, EC, 7-0 Goldie Bookamer
Shot-put Haley Henry, B, 27-8.5 Emily Brown, EC, 25-5
Discus Haley Henry, B, 102-3 Emily Brown, EC, 72-3
Javelin Karington Ketterer, EC, 93-1 Karington Ketterer

Boys Results

EC: 49   Beaver: 101
EC: 86   Rochester: 49

Event 1st Place- Beaver 1st Place- Rochester
4×800 Relay  Beaver, 9:06.1  EC, S. Zellhart, G. Agnew, C. Fair, and C. Lewis, 10:05.6
110M Hurdles  Kaulin Wells, B, 18.0  Norm Ballard, EC, 19.0
 100M Dash  Darius Wise, B, 11.0  DJ Barrett, EC, 11.6
 1600M Run  Riley Lamison, B, 4:32.4  Billy Lott, EC, 4:38.2
4×100 Relay  Beaver, 48.2
400M Dash  Keyshawn Gatto, EC, 58.7  Tyreek Sherod, R, 58.4
300M Hurdles  Kaulin Wells, B, 46.1  Nick Grossi, R, 46.9
800M Run  Riley Lamison, B, 2:05.2  Billy Lott, EC, 2:07.4
200M Dash  Darius Wise, B, 23.6  Desean Sherod, R, 24.2
3200M  Billy Lott, EC, 10:29.8  Billy Lott
4×400 Relay  Beaver, 3:50.6  EC, S. Zellhart, G. Agnew, C. Fair, K. Gatto, 4:07.6
High Jump  Ricky Roth, EC, 6-0  Ricky Roth
Long Jump  Darius Wise, B, 19-1.25  Nick Grossi, R, 19-4
Triple Jump  Kyle Grimm, B, 36-9  Nick Grossi, R, 37-10.5
Pole-Vault  Kyle Grimm, B, 12-6  Norm Ballard, EC, 9-6
Shot-put  River Kelly, EC, 41-6  River Kelly
Discus  Kyle Kanell, B, 116-7  River Kelly, EC, 109-7
Javelin  Kyle Kanell, B, 138-4  Desean Sherod, R, 140-7

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