Podcast: Food Service Policy and Per Diems

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  1. Reduced lunch students will not eat when their account reaches $6.75….

  2. Francis Ramsden | March 29, 2016 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    I notice the two hosts are struggling to understand why people are complaining about per diem.

    We the people, are not dummies and can comprehend what per diem is just fine. We know Rep. Gibbons does not receive a higher rate, but he is in the top 5 for per diem reimbursements (all 5 are democrats btw). I think its completely fair to ask why this is so high ($31k). I’ve reached out to Rep. Gibbons, and he has been honest to enough to explain himself and to correspond with me. Kudos to him.

    So back to the two hosts who just write off per diem as no big deal and even called it “standard practice in the private sector”. Let me ask you two something:

    “What private citizen at say, Home Depot making $9/hr is getting their meals reimbursed?”

    The example she used was “well if my husband had to go out of town for the weekend”…..ya, as in, that is not part of his normal job duties. That is why he is given per diem, and even then it was $30, not $150. Rep. Gibbons has expenses associated with his normal job duties as Representative. It is up to him, to minimize his expenses. I’ve suggested renting some dinky 1 bedroom apt closer to Harrisburg if constant travel expenses are an issue. This position is a public servant, it is not meant to be some lucrative career. If Rep. Gibbons salary is $85k and he has $30k expenses….looks like he still gets to take home $50k in salary every year. If he wants to be paid more and to make more money, maybe he should consider switching positions.

    I don’t get this mindset that we should dismiss all criticism simply because he has a long commute.

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