Ellwood City Borough Council February Meeting Brief

The following is a brief summary of the Ellwood City Borough Council meeting held on Feb. 15, 2016.


  • Picnic shelter reservations will begin on the fourth Monday in February (Feb. 22) for Borough residents and beginning on the fourth Monday in March (Mar. 28) for non-Borough residents.


  • Loccisano’s Golden Dawn grocery store was presented with a commendation for its 100 year anniversary.


  • A motion was passed appointing Joseph Trocci to the Recreation Board for a term expiring Dec. 31, 2018. The motion passed 6-1 with Vice President David DeCaria dissenting. DeCaria supported the other candidate, Caleb Cragle.

Health/Public Safety

  • A motion was passed approving a payment of $16,424.34 to Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions for the repair of the 2006 Spartan (fire truck). This amount will be paid from the General Fund.
  • A motion was passed advertising an ordinance authorizing Intergovernmental Cooperation with Lawrence County, the Borough of Ellwood City, Township of Perry, Borough of Wampum, Borough of Ellport, Township of Wayne and Borough of New Beaver, providing for central booking for all individuals charged with a crime are processed in a central location. Currently, charges in the above areas are filed through the Ellwood City Police Department, however New Castle receives the compensation. The advertised ordinance is a step in ensuring Ellwood City will get compensated by the state.

Public Works/Utilities

  • A motion was passed authorizing Hill Engineering to prepare/advertise specifications for the lining of the storm sewer on Fourth Street from Wayne Avenue to Franklin Avenue.
  • A motion was passed approving the sale of three Siemens vacuum regulators, Model 210 M/S, to the Industry Borough Municipal Authority at a cost of $340 each, totaling $1020.


  • A motion was passing approving facility requests for the EC Ledger 10K Race and the Noah Jones Benefit 5k run/walk in Ewing Park, as well as the YMCA Pool Management Agreement at $15,000, a donation to Stiefel Hockey in the amount of $2,800 to replace boards at the rink, and a request by the Kitchen Cabinet to host Movie Nights in Ewing Park.

A motion was passed establishing salaries and wages for part-time employees retroactive to the first pay in January, 2016 as follows:

  • Solicitor NA $26,000
  • Animal Control Officer NA $5,000
  • Health Officer NA $3,300
  • Code Enforcement Officer $16.00/$20,800
  • Playgrounds Coordinator $1,700
  • Pool Concession Stand Worker: 1st Year $8.00; 2nd Year $8.50; 3rd Year and more $9.00
  • Secretary to Mayor $12.22
  • Parking Meter Enforcement Officer $11.00
  • School Crossing Guards: 1st Year $9.00; 2nd Year $9.50; 3rd Year $10.00; 4th Year or more $11.00
    Park Crew Leader $11.00
  • Park Employees (Labor & Playgrounds): 1st Year $8.00; 2nd Year $8.50; 3rd Year and more $9.00; Utility Clerk $12.00

A motion would be in order to establish wages for the non-union full time employees retroactive to the first pay in January, 2016 as follows:

  • Borough Manager $32.765 $68,151
  • Borough Secretary $21.628 $44,986
  • Fire Chief $25.385 $52,800
  • Public Works Director $29.741 $61,862
  • Electric Department Superintendent $32.115 $66,800
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager $21.367 $44,443
  • Wastewater Treatment Lab Technician $21.353 $44,414

Full time employees received raises ranging from $1,200 to $2,000. The Borough Manager received a $2,000 pay increase which amounts to approximately a 3 percent raise.

  • A motion was passed eliminating the use of the GPS units in all Borough vehicles purchased from Davis Instruments Corporation.
  • A motion was passed advertising for Summer Employment for Park/Playground/Concession Stand Personnel.

New Business

  • A motion was passed advertising the position of Lineman III in the Electric Department.
  • A motion was passed approving the proposal from Code Red, a reverse 911 calling system, for an annual cost of $4500. This amount will be paid from the General, Electric, and Sewage Funds.
  • A motion was passed extending the contract of Borough Manager Bob Villella through 2017. The vote was passed 5-2 with Judi Dici and Connie MacDonald dissenting.

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  1. Wow the borough manager, hired in summer 2013 at $60,000 annually, now makes over $68K. I wish my salary went up $8,000 in just 2 and 1/2 years.

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