Police: Three People Charged with Simple Assault Against Woman

One woman and two men were charged with simple assault against a woman and a juvenile male was charged with theft.

Darcy Young, 29, from Rochester but currently residing in Ellwood City; Adam Pounds, of Ellwood City; Andrew Mercado, 28, from Ellwood City but currently residing in Koppel; and a male juvenile all received various charges for an incident occurring on Dec. 27.

According to the criminal complaint filed on Jan. 4, the victim was at a baptism party on 13th Street when she walked in on Young and and another woman who were snorting cocaine. Young was agitated at this and assaulted the victim, who attempted to defend herself. Pounds joined the altercation and held the victim down while Young continued to assault her.

A juvenile male threw the victim’s cell phone in the sink, removed about $55 from her wallet and stole her wedding band valued at approximately $500.

Mercado dragged the victim into the bathroom. The victim was able to free herself and fled the residence. Young threatened to kill the victim if she called the police.

Later, when questioned by police, Young claimed she was the victim and had only tried to defend herself. However, Young was unmarked, and the victim had injuries that required medical treatment at the Ellwood City Hospital.

Young was charged with simple assault, harassment and terroristic threats. Pounds was charged with simple assault and harassment. Mercado was charged with simple assault and harassment.  The juvenile male was charged with theft and criminal mischief.

Young was previously charged with drug possession and endangering the welfare of children for an overdose incident in November.

5 Comments on "Police: Three People Charged with Simple Assault Against Woman"

  1. I have never seen so many of the same people arrested and still manage to get out and continue to break the law for rather serious crimes.

  2. Indeed. Agree with other poster. It’s an embarrassment to the community.

  3. hope she did not get child back from her overdose in November, clear her name……yea right

  4. These people are truly disgusting. Toxic to everything they touch.

  5. more than toxic and disgusting. no need to clear name its been ruined for years. everybody knows. why pretend.

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