Police: Ellwood City Man Charged with Sexual Offenses Against a Minor

An Ellwood City man was charged Monday with several counts of sexual offenses against a minor.

According to the criminal complaint, David Lollo, 34, of Ellwood City, conducted sexual behavior around a 13-year old girl during times she was at his residence. The complaint specifies that Lollo exposed himself numerous times in front of the girl. He also attempted to be in a hot tub while he was naked with the girl, as well as laid naked beside the girl on a couch. In one instance, Lollo attempted to forcefully remove the girl’s clothes.

The investigation, conducted by Ellwood City Police and the Children’s Advocacy Center in New Castle, occurred in November following a report received by the Ellwood Police Department.

Lollo is charged with two counts of corruption of a minor, two counts of contact with a minor, three counts of indecent exposure, two counts of indecent contact with a minor younger than 16 and one count of open lewdness.


3 Comments on "Police: Ellwood City Man Charged with Sexual Offenses Against a Minor"

  1. What’s a 13 year old girl doing in this guy’s apartment? Where are this girl’s parents? Why aren’t they paying attention to their child and where they are at? Ellwood is turning out to be a real cesspool. Nobody seems to really give a da*n about their children or what they’re exposing them to. Somebody better get it together and clean up that godforsaken town. If there are any decent people there they need to get out now.

  2. YouApparentlyDon'tKnowIt | January 11, 2016 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    Did it ever occur to you that the offender may have been a friend who babysat? Or that maybe the girls’ parents are the ones that instigated the ultimately successful investigation? Maybe if you had some compassion for victims you’d think of these things but you’re too concerned with throwing around blame. Why else would the victim have repeatedly gone to the offender’s house?

  3. The victim was his own DAUGHTER!

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