Ellwood City Wrestling Takes Second Place at Southside Duals

The Ellwood City Wrestling team took second place at the Southside Duals tournament on Saturday, Jan. 2.

Ellwood went 3-2, defeating Ambridge, Highlands and Independence. Ellwood lost to South Fayette and South Side.

Junior Tyler Alberts went undefeated in three rounds and won another two by forfeit.

Ellwood City 48.00 Ambridge 30.00
106: Robbie Thompson (Ambridge) over Ellwood City (For.)
113: Tyler Baird over Ambridge (For.)
120: Carter MacMurdo over Ambridge (For.)
126: Brigitte Lockhart (Ambridge) over Ellwood City (For.)
132: Tyler Alberts over Laconia Seymour (Ambridge) (Fall 0:00)
138: Donavan Chambers over Salim Rollog (Ambridge) (Fall 0:00)
145: Angelo Battaglia over Jordan Leonberg (Ambridge) (Fall 0:00)
152: Christian KerrĀ  over Justin Hassick (Ambridge (Fall 0:00)
160: Double Forfeit
170: Kevin Holman (Ambridge) over Ellwood City (For.)
182: Dean Calderone (Ambridge) over Noah Skelly (Fall 0:00)
195: Johnathan Jefferson over Ambridge (For.)
220: Jeremy Figurel over Ambridge (For.)
285: Tim Tindall (Ambridge) over Ellwood City (For.)

Ellwood City 40.00 Highlands 33.00
106: Austin Babinsack (Highlands) over Ellwood City (For.)
113: Tyler Baird over Christian Lechner (Highlands) (MD 10-1)
120: Carter MacMurdo over (Highlands) (For.)
126: Tyler Alberts over Zeyea Dixon (Highlands) (Fall 0:00)
132: Donavan Chambers over Ray Glover (Highlands) (Fall 0:00)
138: John Coward (Highlands) over Ellwood City (For.)
145: Angelo Battaglia over Colton Geracia (Highlands) (Fall 0:00)
152: Cameron Clark (Highlands) over Christian Kerr (Dec 10-8)
160: Rich Fox (Highlands) over Ellwood City (For.)
170: Jermaine Jett (Highlands) over Noah Skelly (Fall 0:00)
182: Double Forfeit
195: Johnathan Jefferson over Highlands (For.)
220: Jeremy Figurel over Highlands (For.)
285: Shane Wicks (Highlands) over Ellwood City (For.)

South Fayette 69.00 Ellwood City 3.00
106: Colin Dunn (South Fayette) over Ellwood City (For.)
113: Cort Blatz (South Fayette over Tyler Baird (Fall 2:53)
120: Jasper Wolfe (South Fayette) over Carter MacMurdo (Fall 2:37)
126: Tyler Alberts over Jerod Witwicki (South Fayette) (Dec 5-0)
132: Michael Cusick (South Fayette) over Donavan Chambers (Dec 12-5)
138: Shane Ging (South Fayette) over Ellwood City (For.)
145: Michael Carr (South Fayette) over Angelo Battaglia (Fall 1:44)
152: Ben Previte (South Fayette) over Christian Kerr (Fall 2:44)
160: Camden Hoover (South Fayette) over Ellwood City (For.)
170: Christian Dedi (South Fayette) over Noah Skelly (Fall 1:20)
182: Joe Bastaroli (South Fayette) over Ellwood City (For.)
195: Cory Supan (South Fayette) over Johnathan Jefferson (Fall 1:57)
220: Rasaun Culberson (South Fayette) over Jeremy Figurel (Fall 0:15)
285: Double Forfeit

Ellwood City 34.00 Independence 32.00
106: David Goldwin (Independence) over Ellwood City (For.)
113: Tyler Baird over Michael Kucera (Independence) (Fall 0:00)
120: Carter MacMurdo over Nick Rossi (Independence) (MD 11-1)
126: Tyler Alberts over Independence (For.)
132: Donavan Chambers over Kyle Corsi (Independence) (Fall 0:00)
138: Matt Mroczynski (Independence) over Ellwood City (For.)
145: Drew Benos (Independence) over Angelo Battaglia (TF 19-3 0:00)
152: Kevin Clymer (Independence) over Christian Kerr (Dec 3-0)
160: Alex Nelson (Independence) over Ellwood City (For.)
170: Nick Mroczynski (Independence) over Noah Skelly (Fall 0:00)
182: Double Forfeit 195: Johnathan Jefferson over Independence (For.)
220: Jeremy Figurel over Independence (For.)
285: Double Forfeit

Southside 66.00 Ellwood City 18.00
106: Noah Turek (Southside) over Ellwood City (For.)
113: Austin Seik (Southside) over Tyler Baird (Fall 0:00)
120: Carter MacMurdo over Southside (For.)
126: Tyler Alberts over (Southside) (For.)
132: Joe Demor (Southside) over Ellwood City (For.)
138: Donavan Chambers over Ajay Cooper (Southside) (Fall 0:00)
145: Michael McCool (Southside) over Angelo Battaglia (Fall 0:00)
152: Alexander Soltis (Southside) over Christian Kerr (Fall 0:00)
160: Caleb Tellish (Southside) over Ellwood City (For.)
170: Reese McHaffie (Southside) over Noah Skelly (Fall 0:00)
182: Hunter Cox (Southside) over Ellwood City (For.)
195: Kyle McLaughlin (Southside) over Johnathan Jefferson (Fall 0:00)
220: Cody Hample (Southside) over Jeremy Figurel (Fall 0:00)
285: Bishop Mccoy (Southside) over Ellwood City (For.)

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